Rylee’s January Report

Rylee DeMarta carries the American Flag at a High School Rodeo

Hi this is Rylee DeMarta, giving an update on rodeo life. Nic, Buzz and I have been gearing up for the next rodeo in January which means I have been riding a lot (even in the rain), many trail rides, giving massages and doing stretches. I also mangwave the horses 2/3 times a week. This rodeo in January is called the shootout which means there will be 2 different districts (District 1 & District 2) competing, there will be roughly around 300 hundred contestants. During this rodeo both districts hold a special rodeo for any special needs kids that want to participate.

My last rodeo in November I marked a 68 and a 64 in cutting and I placed 5th in the average. I am currently sitting 5th in my district. Pole bending I made two clean runs and placed 11th in the average out of 52 girls. In the barrel racing I had 2 clean barrel runs, but was out of average. Overall I am in the top 20 for D2 in barrels. I am very proud of my horses and how hard they are working for me.

Every time I go to a rodeo people always compliment on how my horses look, even in the middle of winter they still have excellent condition, are shiny and fit. How I accomplish this is feeding high quality alfalfa hay and three way hay from Rainbow Ag. I also feed Ultra Gastric Care grain, Omega Match, Outlast, Repeni-mash, Omega Match Ahiflower, Vitamin E & Selenium, as well as vitamin C, all purchased at Rainbow Ag. I also feed cowboy choices to their daily diet. I also condition my horses 3 to 4 times a week.

The horse industry can be challenging at times, but for me, I love my horses, the people, lifestyle, the hard work and enjoy the horses 100%.

Thank you for supporting me.

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