Rainbow Ag has the poultry products and supplies you need for fresh eggs to farm raised chickens. We have what you need to ensure the health and well-being of your backyard flock.


Purina Layena Layer Pellets. 50-lb poultry feed bagPurina offers a variety of all-natural poultry feeds, supplements, and treats that contain sun-grown grains, plant proteins, vitamins, and minerals.




Organic Poultry Feeds

Purina Organic Poultry Feed Barale brand logo. Poultry Feed. Modesto Milling Organic Poultry Feed.

Flock Treats

Brown compressed seed block. Purina Flock Block 25-lb. Poultry block.

Keep your backyard flock happy and healthy with a great selection of chicken treats and toys.






Plastic poultry waterer.


Find your waterers, feeders, heat lamps, chicken coops, fencing and more at Rainbow Ag stores.





Stop in and shop for all of your poultry feed and supplies at your local Rainbow Ag stores. We have what you need to raise a healthy flock!

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