On The Right Lead November 2017

As recovery begins from the Redwood Complex Fires, Rainbow and the horse community are here for the long run. Donations are being accepted for feed and supplies for both horses and livestock, and for companion animals, at both Rainbow stores. There is still a great need for hay and feed, and other supplies to support the families that have lost everything. Hay and feed are being distributed by SAFER, (www.saferhorse.com), through donations locations set up in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties. A big THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped evacuate, house and care for the horses and other livestock during the fires!

There are many Facebook pages set up to help with lost and found animals, and to organize assistance.

Lost Pet, Found Pet Mendocino

Lost Pet, Found Pet Lake County

Redwood Complex Animal Assistance (Potter Valley, Redwood Valley)

Mendocino Lake Equestrians

OPE sale November 3 & 4 2017

Little information is available to horse owners and even equine veterinarians on the effects on horses of breathing air laden with particulates. Even if your horses weren’t directly in the area of the wildfires, the terrible air quality during that time could have an effect. In this article by Dr. John Madigan (who was here in Mendocino County helping with evacuated horses) and Dr. David Wilson, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis, offers some general advice for horses who have been exposed to wildfire smoke.

New Feeds at the Lakeport Rainbow store: Esteem Complete pellets and Esteem Mature horse, from Bar Ale Premium Livestock feeds. ESTEEM® 14% Equine Complete is a textured grain, complete horse feed with beet pulp and alfalfa pellets. Bar Ale’s ESTEEM® Mature Horse has been specially formulated to keep your horse in good condition well into its senior years.

WellsolveLow starch and carb feed is being recognized by veterinarians as a valuable addition to treating several syndromes and diseases of horses. If your vet recommends a low starch/low carbohydrate feed, check out Purina’s Wellsolve, available at Rainbow Ag. Learn more about Wellsolve >>

buy one get one 1/2 offWith the cooler temperatures of winter finally arriving, we will be putting those old, raggedy fly masks away (or, in the garbage!). Be ready for next year, though, with a brand-new fly mask or two, with this month’s Subscriber Coupon for Buy One, Get One Half-price on all fly masks in stock! Get your coupon here >>

Trivia Contest: October winner is Cathy Ford, with the correct answer, Jill Crane, Livestock Department Manager, is “what’s new” at the Lakeport Rainbow Ag! Enter to win a $15.00 Rainbow Gift Card HERE>>



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