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Happy Independence Day!

Horse people know how to celebrate the Fourth of July right! Rodeos, parades, trail rides, barbecues … there are endless activities to celebrate that include our horses. Be prepared for the holiday with help from Rainbow Ag — Rainbow has everything you need to get your horse looking and feeling his best, and we can outfit your entire family too, with great red-white-and-blue in our clothing department! Need new boots for the dance? Rainbow’s got ’em. New hat to shade your head? Yep, that’s at Rainbow too. Dress up that pony with a new halter, headstall or saddle blanket, or just treat them to their favorite treat … and don’t forget the fly repellent and fly masks!

Horse require water to be healthySummer is here and that means we have some hot weather ahead. John Madigan, DVM, from UC Davis, offers ten important tips for keeping our horses healthy in hot weather. Read article here>

PurinaEver wonder how Purina conducts the research that supports development of their feed? Watch this interesting video that follows two different months-long research projects. The video is a bit lengthy (18 minutes) but the results at the end are amazing! Check it out here>

The Lake County Horse Council is asking horse owners and industry members to participate in the American Horse Council Survey. This survey is specifically designed to capture the direct impact of front-line participants in the horse industry–the people who own, train, ride, board, and otherwise care for horses.  The results of this survey will be used by the American Horse Council to promote the economic benefits of the horse industry to policy makers. This survey is not a horse census–the intent is to capture the economic impact from as many horses in the country as possible. Take Survey Here

Lester Buckley Clinic

Lester Buckley

Upcoming Events:

There will be a Lester Buckley Clinic for three days in August, the 18th – 20th, at Berry Creek Ranch in Willits. Lester Buckley is one of the most popular and highly regarded clinicians to participate in the Light Hands Horsemanship Clinics in Santa Ynez. He is skilled in both Classical Dressage and Western disciplines, as well as problem solving and ranch work. Learn more or download information here>

John Tilley of Flying T Equine is offering two days of Trail Obstacle Training Clinics in Redwood Valley. These clinics get rave reviews and are FUN! Get the info here>

Get rid of flies with Rescue Disposable Fly Traps, and save 25% with this month’s subscriber coupon. Tip: hang the fly traps away from your barn or loafing area, to draw the flies away from your horses. They should go at least 50-75 feet away from the barn or house.

Trivia: Ms Trivia Person is on vacation! The OTRL Trivia contest will return in the next issue. The June winner was Diane Parker, and the answer is, Show Jumping was not be included in the Willits Horsemen’s 68th Annual Beef BBQ and Rodeo.

Happy Trails!

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