Rainbow Wags October 2023

Halloween is going to the dogs … and hamsters, hens and horses! Don’t miss all the fun at the Rainbow Halloween Sale and Costume Contest, at all Rainbow stores on Saturday, October 28! Bring your pets in costume to save 20% on that day’s purchase. Enter the costume contests, where prizes will be given for Large Dogs, Small Dogs and Best Non-K9 pets. There will also be specials in the stores and a whole lot of fun!

Fall clothing is arriving at Rainbow stores daily! Time for a new Carhartt jacket or sweatshirt, a cozy flannel shirt or some new rain boots! Don’t forget the beanie caps, gloves, scarves and rain coats, either. Heading for the barn or the school bus, Rainbow has the gear to keep you warm, dry and enjoying the change of seasons.

Periodontal disease is very common, especially among older dogs, and canine dental extraction ranks high among the most common veterinary surgeries. So it is no surprise that dog owners ask about feeding their (newly toothless) dog. While soft foods are required while the dog’s gums heal, once recovered many dogs can eat a wide variety of foods – even kibble. Soften the kibble in warm water or broth for 5 minutes, or mix with wet food. If you choose to go with a full meal of canned, frozen or home-made dog food, check out the calorie and feeding recommendations, as they vary and what seems like the right portion might not actually be enough, or way too much! Don’t forget some softer treats, if your dog previously enjoyed crunchy ones! Making a change in your dog’s diet – because of dental extractions or some other reason? Just ask one of Rainbow’s knowledgeable staff. They can guide you through all the options – kibble, canned, frozen and more!

As winter approaches, many of us are concerned about the welfare of outdoor animals, such as feral cats in our neighborhoods. Outdoor cats need a warm shelter, and access to food and water, during cold and rainy weather. Building a shelter for feral cats is simple, and makes a good neighborhood, youth group or family project. While one can purchase heated shelters, it is easy to build your own. Check out this article from NeighborhoodCats that included directions for several types of build-it-yourself shelters.

Another concern when dealing with feral cat colonies during the cold weather is whether Trap/Neuter/Return is safe for the cats. The Humane Society of the United States shares this:

Don’t attempt TNR activities in the winter unless you can return the cats to a warm shelter.

People may be concerned about performing trap-neuter-return during winter because they worry about releasing females who have had their stomachs shaved for surgery. But winter trapping has its advantages. There are far fewer pregnant cats, which makes for a less complicated surgery, and you’ll prevent the births of many kittens come spring, when the majority are born.

Before you start winter trapping, however, you must ensure that the cats will have adequate shelter when you return them to their territory. If you’ve followed the directions in this article, they’ll be in good shape.

Speaking of TNR: This message from SNAP –

Mendo SNAP is in urgent need of donations, otherwise they will be forced to pause operations. They are reaching out to the community asking for emergency donations.

Each animal spayed or neutered means fewer litters. Fewer litters means less strain on our shelters and a better outcome for those animals that do end up under care. Did you know that California consistently ranks as one of the worst states in the nation for number of animals euthanized in shelters per year? Low cost spay and neuter services can change that.

SNAP needs your help to make the change we all want to see. Please donate today by clicking the link below. No donation is too small to make a difference.

Mendocino SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance Program) is an all-volunteer organization that relies on donations and a few yearly fund-raisers (Watch for Pet Photos with Santa at the Ukiah Rainbow in December!). Your donation is greatly appreciated!

Trivia – Enter to win a $15.00 Rainbow Gift Card. All correct answers go into a random drawing.

The September question was, Where was Canine Companions founded? Our winner is Patti Longstreth with the answer that Santa Rosa, CA is the home of this successful program!

The October question is, To get 20% off of your Rainbow purchase on October 28th, your pet needs to …

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