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Here’s to Spring Weather! We can’t complain about the weather lately here in Lake and Mendocino Counties. It’s a great season to get out on a hike, head to the beach or lake, or just hang out in the back yard with our favorite friends. There’s plenty going on this time of year – Graduations, Rodeos, Parades, and Fathers’ Day (June 16) are all coming right up. Don’t forget Rainbow for great gift ideas for Dad or the Grad! There’s new, cool clothing from Carhartt, Wrangler, Cinch, Roper, Ariat and more. Check out the selection of Montana Silversmiths buckles, money clips and jewelry, Hydro Flasks in a host of fun colors. They are not just water bottles! Yard art and home decor or … Dad Needs A New Hat! There’s something for every Dad or Grad at Rainbow!

Or head into the Outdoor Power Equipment department and find the latest in mowers, trimmers, chain saws and blowers! Battery-powered equipment is fast, quiet and lightweight – and no more mixing up gasoline or wiping up the drips. Just pop the battery in and pull the trigger! Rainbow has a huge selection of Stihl, Husqvarna, Milwaukee, and more – all the top brands. Have questions? Just ask one of the trained Outdoor Power specialists.

Summer always has it’s challenges for our pets too. As the grass dries, the bane of pet owners – foxtails – becomes a common problem. Warmer weather can bring on the parasites too – fleas, ticks and mosquitos. We can’t leave our pets in a car and hot asphalt can burn their paws. Pets are also susceptible to heatstroke, and white or thin-haired pets can get sunburn which can lead to cancer.

take your dog to the lake!

There is plenty that we can do to help out our best friends, though. Many dogs enjoy playing in water, and a wading pool is perfect for safe water play. Find cooling frozen treats for your pets in Rainbow’s freezer, or make your own. Exercise during the mornings or evenings when it is less likely that your pet will overheat. Be aware that pets with short snouts – such as Boxers and Pugs – might have trouble breathing when it is hot. Always provide fresh cool water and be sure to bring enough along on trips for both you and your sidekick. For more tips on preparing for warm weather with our pets, check out this article from the Humane Society of the United States. There is even a plan for preparing for power-outages during the hot weather.

Although cats tend to tolerate the heat a little better than dogs — after all, they are famous for seeking sunny spots for sunbathes — the reality is that cats can suffer from overheating (hyperthermia) and heatstroke too. Heat-related health problems tend not to be as common in cats, possibly because cats tend not to exercise in hot weather with their humans and spend less time in the car. Get tips on recognizing heat-related problems in cats and tips for avoiding them, in this article courtesy of Diamond Pet Foods.

What about our other pets, such as chickens and rabbits? These smaller pets are also sensitive to hot temperatures. Learn how to keep your backyard flock healthy and happy this summer in this article from Purina – How to Keep Chickens Cool.

Rabbits are particularly sensitive to heat. A rabbit doesn’t sweat and can quickly die from overheating, and every bunny’s tolerance of heat is different. Here are some tips to help your rabbits survive summer, from rabbit.org.

Get your garden on! Rainbow has tools and supplies to help turn your backyard into an oasis! From potting soil to pruners, plants to pavers and don’t forget that a drip irrigation system will keep that garden green while you enjoy the hammock!

Looking to turn your yard into a real Outdoor Living Room? Ukiah Brickyard Building Materials (at the Ukiah Rainbow store) can set you up with everything from fire rings to Barbecue counters! Talk to Thomas Prine at the Ukiah store to learn what is available to elevate your backyard into someplace special.

Wags Trivia Contest

Trivia Contest! Enter to win a $15 Rainbow Coupon, good on any purchase at any Rainbow store.

The April question was, What will local 4H members be teaching all about on May 19th? And the correct answer is Rabbits! Thanks to 4H member Garrett Weaver who organized this fun-filled and educational event at the Ukiah Rainbow store. Our winner is Lance Latchin.

This month’s question, True or False: Rabbits and Chickens handle hot weather very well.

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