Rainbow Wags May 2021

Seems like summer is arriving early this year! The warm weather makes this a purrfect time to get outdoors with our critters and enjoy the weather. Whether you are looking for flowers or veggie starts, irrigation supplies, quality hand tools or serious brush-whacking tools, Rainbow is your first stop!

In this critical drought, every drop of water counts and drip irrigation is both simple to install and a valuable water-saver. Drip emitters come in a wide variety of styles, from single drippers to sprayers, adjustable bubblers and in-line emitters that are perfect for a row of vegetable plants. Adjust how much water each plant receives by choosing the right emitter type and size. Need a little guidance? Just ask one of the friendly Rainbow staff for help! You’ll be sitting in your hammock while the yard waters itself!

Tip #1 – use a line and drip emitter to keep a birdbath or bee watering station full, even when you are away! Birds and bees will appreciate a reliable water source this summer.

Tip #2 – set up a mister to cool off an area for your dog, goats or other animals (including the people in the family!)

Clothing and Boots: Big Sale Memorial Week – $10 off every $50 purchase! May 23 through 30, 2021

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Foxtail Season

As the grass dries up, foxtail season begins at our local veterinarian’s offices. While most of us are aware of the dangers of foxtail for our dogs, don’t turn a blind eye to your cats! Any cat that goes outdoors, or lives outside such as barn cats or ferals, can encounter foxtails. Cats are perhaps less at risk for foxtails in their fur, as they have such fastidious grooming habits, and are adept at removing the grass awns before they penetrate the skin. But, the most common place foxtails cause problems – big problems – in cats is their eyes, a place that cats cannot groom. A foxtail lodged in a cat’s eye will cause tearing, squinting, and mucous discharge, and also present pink eye or conjunctivitis symptoms. The roughness of the foxtail can cause significant damage to the cornea very quickly. The cat may paw at their eye, but you may not be able to see the foxtail if it has lodged beneath their eyelid. Immediate action should be taken, though even that can be a challenge if the cat is feral or unused to being handled. A Havahart trap can be an invaluable tool for catching and transporting feral kitties to the vet, where the cat can be safely sedated and the foxtail removed. 

Foxtails are particularly dangerous to dogs with long curly hair, so much so that many people have their pet clipped (especially the paws) to reduce the chance of foxtail penetration. Where to get that done? Give a call to Rainbow Pet in Hidden Valley Lake – full service grooming, bathing and clipping that can make summer a more enjoyable time for your pet, and you! 707 987 1000.

Time to update your pet’s ID tags! With fire season already here, having your contact information on every pet is crucial in the event of an emergency or evacuation. Get customized tags at your local Rainbow store, and save 20% with this month’s subscriber coupon!

Microchips are the most fail-safe way to identify your pets, and can be placed by the VIP Community Vet Clinic vets when they are at Rainbow stores on Saturdays. Check with your local store for times. If your pet is already micro-chipped, be sure to keep your contact information updated with the microchip company.

Trivia! You can win a $15.00 Coupon good for any purchase at any Rainbow store! Just enter to win – all correct answers are included in a random drawing.

This month’s winner is Cindy Gomez, with the correct answer that a donation to the HSIMC’s Portraits for Pets fundraiser gets you a digital art portrait of your pet.

The May question is, the most common problem with foxtails in cats is …


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