Rainbow Wags June 2023

Welcome to summer! Time to get out and enjoy the sunshine with your favorite furry companion. Don’t forget to stop in to Rainbow, America’s Country Store for all your pet and outdoor supplies – from dog flotation vests to mosquito control, Hydro Flasks and Pelican coolers to cute summer clothing … Rainbow will keep you outfitted for the best of summer.
Have a safe and fun Independence Day!

The day after Independence Day is the busiest day for shelters, as there are an over-abundance of lost, found and frightened pets. One of the most important actions you can take to keep your pets safe during fireworks – and don’t forget that often the fireworks happen before and after the actual holiday – is to keep your pet in a secure place where they cannot escape.

Plan now to create a safe and secure environment for your pets. Find a quiet, comfortable area in your home where they can feel at ease. Close windows, curtains, and doors to minimize the noise and flashes from fireworks. Additionally, turn on some calming music or white noise to help drown out the external sounds. Consider making a several-layer safety barrier such as putting your dog in a crate, in a separate room of the house. A panicked dog can be an escape artist, darting out of a door or window, or digging under a fence.

If your dog or cat (or pony or guinea pig) are terrified of fireworks, NOW is the time to contact your vet. While there are over-the-counter medications to ease a pet’s fear, for the serious problems, a tranquilizer can be prescribed to allow your pet to snooze through the booms.If your dog experiences severe anxiety during fireworks, consult with a veterinarian about potential anti-anxiety medications or natural remedies that can help them relax. There are various options available, such as pheromone sprays, anxiety wraps, and calming supplements.

Make sure your dog wears proper identification at all times, such as a sturdy collar with updated tags. Rainbow Ag has a huge selection of collars and customized pet tags. Of course having your pet micro-chipped is the most sure way solution. In case they become startled and run away, it will be easier for someone to identify and return them to you promptly.

Lastly, provide distractions and engage in activities that your dog enjoys. Interactive toys, treat puzzles, or engaging in obedience training can redirect their attention and help alleviate anxiety.

More Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips from the ASPCA

Head over to Ukiah on Saturday June 24 for the Grand Opening Celebration of Rainbow Brickyard Building Materials. Check out the new pavers, retaining wall systems, turf and more and get ideas for improving your outdoor living areas! There will be a BBQ, along with raffles and prizes, including new battery-powered Stihl power equipment. Don’t miss this new addition to the Rainbow stable of products – helping you improve your rural lifestyle!

Free Ice Cream, Raffles, Coupons and Games!

Improvements at the Middletown Rainbow store! A new paved parking lot!
No more mud and dust for our Middletown customers.

Groomer Alisha Richardson will be at the Lakeport Rainbow store on Sunday June 25 for Dog Nail Day! No appointment is necessary to have Alisha trim your pup’s toenails. Keep an eye on the Rainbow Facebook pages for upcoming Nail Days at the Ukiah and Lakeport stores in July.

Alisha Richardson

Trivia! Enter to win a $15.00 Rainbow coupon, good on any purchase at any Rainbow store.
Last month’s question was, Along with Foxtails, what is another local plant that can cause problems with our pets?

The winner is Michaele Kennedy with the correct answer that Filaree – also knows as Storkbill – is a spiraling sticker that can bury into a pet’s fur.

The June question is, What will Middletown Rainbow Customers NOT have to deal with anymore?

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