Rainbow Wags June 2020

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Welcome to the official first day of Summer! Though this summer might be a bit … different than usual, there is still plenty of fun in the sun to be had. Warmer weather requires us to shift our plans a little to care for ourselves, and our pets. Keeping cool and hydrated is important for pets and hoomans! Does your dog like to play in water? A portable pool is the perfect cool-off toy for a water-loving dog. Or how about placing a mister in a shady area of your yard or dog run? If your dog enjoys recreating on the lake with you, consider protecting them with a life vest. Even a young, strong dog can exhaust themselves by swimming, and not all dogs are natural, or good, swimmers. Here’s an article with 14 Tips for water safety for dogs. 

As the summer weather continues, there is also the possibility of toxic algae blooms in our local rivers and lakes. Cyanobacteria is toxic to both humans and animals. Skin irritation or rash is a commonly reported health effect. Other symptoms range from gastrointestinal discomfort to neurological effects. The most severe reactions occur when large amounts of water are swallowed. Because dogs are smaller bodied than people and will tend to drink water when swimming or lick their fur, it is advisable to keep dogs out of the water during a cyanobacteria bloom. If you decide to go in the water, avoid ingesting the water and rinse off with tap water soon after exiting. Use your own best judgment – When in Doubt, Stay Out!

Keeping cats hydrated is always a concern in the summertime. Did you know that many cats prefer “flowing” water, and offering a water fountain instead of just a bowl can encourage your kitty to drink more often. Cats can also be fussy about the size and shape of water bowls — they don’t like their whiskers to get wet, or sometimes to not touch the sides of the bowl! Cats also tend to get a lot of their hydration requirements from their food, so offer canned wet food, broth or add some water to your cat’s food. For more great tips to keep your cat hydrated and healthy this summer, check out this slideshow from PetMD.

There’s some fun going on in Rainbow stores! Purchase Ariat clothing or boots and get a free raffle ticket for a Yeti Cooler! The drawing will be held July 30, and one winner from each store will get a great Yeti cooler. Check out all the new Ariat styles for Men and Women – comfortable, functional, quality clothing for everyone in the family. Clothing and Boot departments are now open so take a look-see next time you are in the stores.

It is kitten season, and all of the shelters could use some help! Donations of KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer), wet kitten food and supplies (towels, heating pads, crates …) are most appreciated. There are donation bins for the local shelters in each Rainbow store! Have a little time to cuddle and care for some tiny kittens? Fosters – and adopters – are needed! Contact your local shelter, animal control or rescue group and cuddle a kitty!

Check out this huge shipment of Diamond Natural pet food! Starting Sunday, June 21, the 40# bag of Diamond Lamb & Rice food will be on sale for only $27.99! Just some of the great selection of pet foods and supplies available. Not sure what is best for your pet? Ask one of our friendly (masked, socially-distanced and sanitized) team members. They get regular training about pet nutrition and special diet options.

Trivia Contest! Last month’s question was, what is a good tip for helping identify your pet, as yours, in the event you were separated during an emergency? The correct answer was, to have a photo of you and your pet together! Remey Coyne was the Gift Certificate Winner! Congratulations.

This month’s question is, Cats get a lot of their hydration requirements from  …  ENTER HERE!  All correct entries will be placed in a random drawing for a $15.00 Rainbow Gift Card! Good Luck!

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