Rainbow Wags July 2021

Fair Time!

Fair time has changed a bit in the last year, but no matter how the Fairs run – in person, online, or a little of both – Rainbow Ag will be there to support our local FFA, 4H  and individual showmen. The fair is always an exciting time. We get to see the results of a year-long effort as young exhibitors proudly show their animals. Often, Rainbow has been with these projects the whole way – with the right nutrition for each animal as it grows, advice on fitting and showing and by offering clinics and workshops. Now, the first buyers letters are arriving at Rainbow and as always, we are impressed by the hard work these 4H and FFA members have put in.

The Redwood Empire Fair Junior Livestock Auction will be online again this year. Now is your chance to pre-register for the Junior Livestock Auction happening August 6-7th! For more information: Redwood Empire Fair Junior Livestock Auction


Staying hydrated is so important for us, and for our pets, during these hot summer days, but getting our kitties to drink enough water is often a challenge. Cats are notoriously fussy about their water delivery. Some like running water and will choose a dripping faucet over a bowl. Others don’t like small bowls because their sensitive whiskers touch the sides. Providing a source of clean, moving water is often the best way to encourage your cat to drink. Bailey, the Lakeport store’s resident kitty, gives the seal of approval to the Drinkwell fountain from Petsafe! This cat fountain provides clean fresh water in a gentle moving flow, and has a carbon filter to remove impurities.


New in the Ukiah and Lakeport stores – Refresh your deck or home with some new flower pots (and some flowering plants too!)



Heading to the fair means a new outfit! Check out the clothing departments for fun summer looks, including some new Girls boots for the youngest cowgirl. There’s something for everyone at Rainbow – and don’t forget your “whites” if you are showing at the Fair! There is a great selection at the Lakeport, Ukiah and Middletown stores.


Muddy, fuzzy pup? Rainbow Pet in Hidden Valley Lake does full service grooming! Give them a call at 707 987 1000 to schedule a spa day for your dog!

Trivia! We’re back!

This month’s question is, How will the Junior Livestock Auction at the Redwood Empire Fair be held?

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