Rainbow Wags July 2020

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Here we are in a very unique summer … fixing up our yards and properties to create our own little paradise, wearing a face covering, taking socially-distanced vacations or staycations. The only good thing about sheltering in place, is that we can share this time with our favorite critters. Our dogs aren’t complaining about having us around more!

Keeping our pets healthy and happy is high on all of our lists! Summer brings with it some special issues of which all pet owners should be aware. Number One: The dangers of heat stroke and heat exhaustion! Never leave your pet or child in a vehicle in the heat of summer. Temps inside of a vehicle, even in the shade and with windows down, climb rapidly into the danger zones. Heat-related health problems can also be caused by exercising during hot weather – remember that your dog will try to keep up even if he is struggling, and often a young dog will play until exhausted. Know the signs of heat stroke and exhaustion, and get help right away!

Fire season is here – are you ready to evacuate if needed? Preparation is key. Maintaining a safe defensible space around all buildings, removing flammable materials such as firewood, dry leaves in gutters, and patio furniture away from the house and decks, having your street address easily visible from the main roads and having your go-kits – for both humans and pets – ready and accessible can bring some peace of mind while we watch the skies for smoke and listen to the news reports. It never hurts to practice loading your pets up into a carrier or car. Cats are notorious for hating to go into a carrier, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Check out these tips from Jackson Galaxy on teaching your cat to love his carrier.

Being prepared for fire season also includes being ready for any Public Safety Power Shutoffs. Keep your lights on and your freezer freezing with the right home generator! Generators can be a confusing topic – how large of one do you need? How are they set up? How are generators services and maintained? Luckily Rainbow has both a variety of generators, and trained staff that can help you select the right one for your job. Just give us a call or email and Rainbow’s Outdoor Power specialists can answer your questions!

Considering raising your own backyard flock? Purina offers lots of tips and advice for selecting your new chickens and raising them up successfully. Chickens are popular pets – what other pet gives you breakfast? Both the Lakeport and Ukiah stores have chicks, and other types of poultry, in stock. Check out these articles from Purina, then come in and pick out some new best friends! Did you know that chickens can be a beneficial addition to your gardening? While chickens don’t distinguish between “good and bad” bugs, they will help manage the pest control if properly supervised. 

Trivia! How do cats get their hydration needs met? Mostly through wet food! Cindy Gomez had the correct answer and gets a $15 Rainbow Gift Card! It’s easy to enter. All correct answers are entered into a random drawing, and the Gift Card is good at any Rainbow store! This month’s question is an easy one: True or False – Chickens can determine between beneficial bugs and garden pests. ENTER HERE

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