Rainbow Wags July 2018

Time to kick back and enjoy all that the summer has in store for us and our best furry friends. Warm sunny days can be fun but can also be a dangerous situation for cats and dogs. All of our pets are susceptible to heat-related issues such as heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.

In cats, hyperthermia’s (heat stroke) early symptoms include restless behavior (as your cat tries to find a cooler place), panting, sweaty feet, and excessive grooming. If the cat’s body temperature continues to rise, signs of heat exhaustion become evident, including rapid pulse and breathing, redness of the tongue and mouth, vomiting, lethargy, stumbling or staggering and a rectal temperature over 105 degrees. If the body temperature is not quickly brought down to normal, cats can collapse, have seizures or slip into a coma. To learn more about heat stroke, its prevention and what to do if your cat gets too hot, check out this article from PetMD.

It might seem easier to keep your dog cool – many of them like to play in water or go swimming. But dogs are also very susceptible to heat stroke, especially if they are running and playing, or working, on a warm day. The dog might seem fine and having a great time one moment and be deathly ill the next! Dogs can even suddenly die from cardiac arrhythmia caused by overheating. Symptoms of heat stroke in dogs include panting, disorientation and fast breathing. Other possible symptoms are bright red or blue gums, vomiting, diarrhea, or collapsing. Some dogs, especially field dogs or herding dogs, are unlikely to stop their activities on their own until it is too late, so watch for signs that your dog is overheating if you are hunting, working stock or participating in other exciting activities. Learn more about dogs and heat stroke, and prevention, read this article also from PetMD.

Summer is also a time to be outdoors, enjoying our yards, but to keep everywhere mowed, trimmed and watered can be a lot of work. The right outdoor power equipment can make it so much easier … and now it gets even better with new all-electric, battery-powered trimmers, mowers, and chain saws from Husqvarna and Stihl. Did you know that the battery on an cordless string trimmer will run for an hour? That’s about the same as going through one tank of fuel on a gas-powered trimmer. And … since the batteries also charge up in about an hour, if you have two batteries you can go all day! Not to mention – NO PULL STARTING! With electric power equipment, it’s just flip the switch and get to cutting … which means more time to admire your beautiful yard from the hammock, with a cold beverage of choice! Come into Rainbow today for a demonstration of the new battery-powered outdoor power equipment!

Over 3000! That’s the number of dogs that have been rescued since Orphan Dog Rescue in Lake County has been in operation! Orphan Dog shelters as many dogs as possible, provides medical care including spay/neuter, parasite prevention and other medical care and ultimately finds them new, permanent homes. Learn more about Orphan Dog and see the list of available dogs at the Orphan Dog website

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Enjoy the Dog Days of Summer!

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