Rainbow Wags July 2017

2016 Potter Valley goat groupSummertime … and the livin’s … really busy! While there is a laid-back style to summer, there is also plenty going on. Look for Rainbow Ag at the local fairs – we support both 4H and FFA exhibitors at the auctions, and love to see how everyone’s animals have turned out. Throughout the year, Rainbow is involved with these hard-working young show-men and -women, offering advice, educational seminars, and positive experiences. Animals vary from gerbils, rabbits and chickens to steers, swine and horses and we see a great deal of dedication, hard work and ingenuity.

Rainbow has show supplies for all kinds of animals! Check out the livestock department, or just ask one of our friendly, trained staff, to stock up on the necessities of show season, including shampoos, hair conditioners, tack and equipment, buckets and feeders, and “Whites!” Stop by the Rainbow booth at the fairs and say hello!

Congratulations to every exhibitor and best of luck at the fairs and shows!

dehydration in catsDehydration in cats is a grave issue that can be easily overlooked. Cats in general have a low “thirst drive” because as wild carnivores, they get most of their moisture from the prey that they eat. Because cats do not have much of an urge to drink water, they can become dehydrated very quickly, especially if they are fed dry food. Cats can also be very sensitive about the source of water available – they may not like the smell of chemicals in tap water, or prefer to drink running water, and some have a definite preference to the type of bowl that the water is presented in (they don’t like their whiskers to touch the sides of the bowl!) Dehydration can start a vicious cycle – the dehydrated cat begins to feel lethargic, which makes her not want to eat, drink or move around. If left untreated, it can lead to organ failure. Read this comprehensive article on dehydration in cats, which includes symptoms, treatment and prevention.

SNAP – the Spay Neuter Assistance Program, in Mendocino County – reminds us that a little effort goes a long way to improve life for the feral cats in our communities. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs can reduce over-population, disease and starvation. SNAP has a TNR program and can even lend humane traps. Contact SNAP for more information about TNR programs at (707) 462-7874, or on their website http://www.ukiahsnap.org/. An all-volunteer organization, SNAP provides financial assistance to low-income residents of Mendocino County, and to those doing rescue or TNR work in the area.

summer fun with our dogsFEMA has a few suggestions for preparing for an emergency, and including your pets. Check out this short video with tips. Their best advice, what is right for your family is probably what is right for your pets too! As we go into wildfire season, it is always good to have a household emergency plan that includes all members of your household. What if you are not at home when an emergency situation strikes? Talk to your neighbors about contingencies – a neighbor who is aware that your pets are home alone can make all the difference!

Canned Food driveThe canned dog food shelves at the Ukiah Animal Shelter are almost bare. They would  appreciate donations from the community of canned food for the shelter guests. High quality dog food, pâté type, is always appreciated for making “medicine meatballs.” Cat lovers may donate pâté type kitten food for our many underage kittens. Donations may be dropped off at the shelter, 298 Plant Rd or at Rainbow Ag in Ukiah. Thank you for supporting the Ukiah Animal Shelter!

Fleas and ticks are still a problem, so stock up on SpectraSure Plus at the low price of $19.99 (regularly $29.99) with the Subscriber Coupon. SpectraSure Plus is available for both cats and dogs, of all sizes!

And, yup, Trivia is back! Enter to win a $15.00 Gift Card from Rainbow Ag. All correct answers are entered in a random drawing. This month’s question is, Cats have a low “thirst drive” because, as wild predators, they got most of their moisture from…
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