Rainbow Wags January 2021

January is National Walk Your Dog Month!

While you might wonder why Walk Your Dog Month falls in the middle of winter, it is a good reminder to get outdoors and get some fresh air with your favorite pooch. All dogs need exercise, and your Huskies and Shepherds will love the cooler weather but other breeds might need some special care in order to be happy with a mid-winter hike. Booties help protect your dog’s paws from ice and snow, and a dog coat or rain jacket can keep a short haired breed more comfortable in inclement weather. Always bring water for yourself and your dog, and a few treats are always welcome and make for positive training experiences. Of course, clean-up bags are a necessity! How long should a walk be? That depends on the breed and age of your dog – very young and older dogs have limits and will usually let you know when they have had enough, but if there is any questions, check with your veterinarian.
Learn More and Get Tips About Walking Your Dog Here

Want to keep yourself warm and dry while out with your dog? Check out the Winter Clothing Clearance Sale at the Middletown, Lakeport and Ukiah Rainbow stores. There are plenty of jackets, sweatshirts and vests in sizes for everyone in your family – the whole gang can join in on the walks!

Guess what is next at Rainbow? Here’s some clues – they are really cute, they are fluffy and they PEEP! Yep, chicks will be arriving soon – in mid-February – at Rainbow stores. Thinking about starting your own backyard flock? It is easier than you might think, and Rainbow has everything you need to get started including the education. Watch for Rainbow’s Chick Days in March, when there will be educational seminars, chicken specialists on hand to answer your questions, and a sale on feed, supplies and even chicken coops! Check with your local Rainbow store to find out what varieties of chicks are on order. Rainbow will also special order poultry – ducks, geese, quail, Guinea fowl and more. You know Spring is on the way, when you hear the cheerful peeps!

Spring might seem like a long ways off right now, but it will be here before you know it. And, with Spring comes growth … including weeds and grass where you don’t particularly want it! Be ready for lawn mowing season by getting your mowers and trimmers ready to go to work. Give the service department a call to schedule a seasonal tune-up, so that when it is time to start cutting the grass, your equipment starts right up and runs strong.

Our dogs are probably spending more time in the house during the winter. Keep them clean and tidy with a spa day, at Rainbow Pet in Hidden Valley Lake! Rainbow Pet offers full service bathing and grooming for all sizes and breeds of dogs. Just give Ashley and her crew a call (707 987 1000) to schedule an appointment. Rainbow Pet offers drop-in nail clipping for only $10.00 too! Behind Hardisters Market in Hidden Valley Lake!

Trivia! Win a $15.00 Rainbow Gift Card!

December question was, What group usually hosts Pet Photos With Santa at the Ukiah Rainbow store? Barbara from Hopland was the winner with the correct answer that SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance Program) usually hosts Santa as their main fundraiser for the season. Want to make a donation to SNAP? CLICK HERE!

The January Trivia Question is, which Rainbow location offers Bathing and Grooming services?

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