Rainbow Wags January 2019

January is National Walk Your Pet Month!

Now, taking a walk with your four-legged best friend during this recent weather might involve rubber boots, a raincoat (for you and your dog) and perhaps a nice warm bath for each of you afterwards. Don’t worry, Rainbow Ag has everything you need, right down to the warm bath—at least for your pooch. Check out the iClean Dog Wash stations at each Rainbow Ag store. Warm water, shampoo and conditioner, blow driers and your dog will be clean and shiny to put back in the car before you head home!

If you are in need of rain gear, Rainbow has that too! Come on in and see the great selection, and check out the Fall and Winter clearance sale, going on now!

Lake County rescue group Orphan Dog has an ambitious project coming up on February 2 & 3 – it’s the Big Fix, a free spay/neuter event to be held at the Robinson Rancheria Gym in Upper Lake. The goal, which they are fast approaching, is to spay and neuter 200+ pets! Staffed by volunteer veterinarians, vet techs and other volunteers, Orphan Dog is also seeking donations or volunteers to make this two-day event run smoothly. Learn more about the Big Fix, volunteer, sign up or donate here>>

Chores don’t stop just because it’s winter! Check out these Five Winter Landscaping Tips, courtesy of Stihl. 


Coming up at Rainbow Ag, America’s Country Store: Spring! Always a busy and exciting season at Rainbow, you’ll know it is getting closer when you hear the cheerful cheeping of baby chicks, arriving in Rainbow Ag stores soon. If you are a poultry parent, you won’t want to miss the Poultry Party sales at each store. Dates announced soon!

Wags Trivia ContestTrivia! Win a $15.00 Gift Card from Rainbow Ag! All correct entries have the chance to win. This month’s question, How many pets does Orphan Dog hope to fix during the Big Fix? ENTER HERE!

Last month’s winner is Patti Longstreth with the correct answer that it could cost $309.00 for vet care for a laceration from a shattered Christmas ornament cost.

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