Rainbow Wags February 2018

Might not feel like it right now, but spring is just around the corner and Rainbow is ready! Spring is the busiest season here at Rainbow –  it’s time for the chicks to arrive in the store (listen for that cheerful cheeping!), 4H and FFA youth are beginning preparations for the summer shows and fairs (and Rainbow helps with free seminars, advice and the Horizon Program), spring fashions are replacing the wintery jackets and boots and of course, spring always brings a burst of growth and the need for mowers, string trimmers and lawn tractors! Make all of your springtime property maintenance chores easier with the right outdoor power equipment for the job! New at Rainbow, battery-powered hand-held power equipment! No more pulling the starter string – just flip the switch and you are trimming, mowing or sawing wood! These cordless, rechargeable tools are perfect for backyard weed trimming and pruning jobs. Stay ahead of the grass and weeds this spring! Come in to Rainbow Ag and check ‘em out!

Party with the Poultry! Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 10th, when Rainbow celebrates all things Poultry! Save 10% on all poultry feeds and supplies, and save on all chicks, only $2.99 each! Hot buys on Purina Start & Grow 25 pounds for only $7.99 and Purina Scratch Grains 50 pounds for only $8.99! Attend the free, 15-minute presentation on How to Raise Your Backyard Flock (10:00 AM at the Ukiah store, and 1:00 PM at the Lakeport store). And, don’t miss the fun of the Egg Toss! Winners gets a $50.00 Rainbow Gift Card! The Egg Toss will take place at 11:00 AM in Ukiah, and at 2:00 PM in Lakeport, with a winner at each store! It’s a fun-filled, savings-filled day of Poultry Party, on March 10 at Rainbow Ag stores! View flier here>>

summer fun with our dogsDid you know that some dogs don’t know how to play with a toy, or with a person? Playful behavior is normal for a dog who grew up with litter mates, attentive humans and the opportunity to learn to play. For many rescue dogs, who might have lived in more stressful situations where time and opportunity to learn to play was very restricted, the reaction to toys and invitations to play – both from humans and other dogs – might be anything from a disappointing apathy to avoidance and fear. If your dog isn’t interested in playing with you, don’t despair! Here are a couple of articles about teaching a dog to play.

Teach your dog to play with toys    |     When a dog doesn’t play with toys

Also very interesting, this article from Scientific American discusses the communication differences between humans and canines when it comes to play invitations, and includes statistics about how a dog’s playfulness effects his chances of being adopted!

cat playing with toyPlay time with your cat is also important in many ways. Play time increases the bond between kitty and owner and offers the benefits of exercise and mental stimulation. Especially for indoor cats, play time can help prevent boredom-related behaviors. Learn more about choosing the best toy for your cat, and then head on into Rainbow, where you can save 20% on any pet toy with this month’s subscriber coupon! Download your coupon here>>

Wags Trivia ContestTrivia Contest! June Richmond of Kelseyville is the winner of last month’s Trivia Contest, with the correct answer that National Train Your Dog Month is sponsored by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. All correct entries will be entered into a random drawing for a $15.00 Rainbow Gift Card! This month’s question is, One of the fun events during the Poultry Party will be … ENTER HERE>>

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