Rainbow Wags December 2022

Tis the Season and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate this month! If you are still finishing up your holiday shopping, Rainbow is here like a helpful elf! Along with weekly Hot Buys (see this week’s Hot Buy below to save on Clothing and Gifts) and FREE GIFT WRAPPING, Rainbow has special Daily Deals, going on until the 24th.

Happy Holidays from Rainbow Ag!

The homeless pets at our local shelters could use some love for the holidays too! Shelters and rescue organizations are at capacity this winter, and donations are needed. Rainbow makes it easy to give – there are donation bins in the stores, and monetary donations are accepted for most of the local animal rescues – just ask at the cashiers’ station. Every little bit helps, but high on the wish lists is quality puppy food and kibble, wet cat food and blankets. The cold months of winter are a challenge for the staff and volunteers who so diligently work to protect the community animals. Please drop a donation into the bin!

Humane Society of Inland Mendocino County
From Saturday 12/17-Friday 12/23, adoption fees for all animals that are ready for adoption will be reduced.
Dogs – $50 | Cats and kittens – $25 | Senior cats and dogs (7 years+) and barn cats – $0
If you have been waiting to add a new member to your family, the time is now!
Apply to adopt at mendohumanesociety.com

This kitty is available for adoption at HSIMC

Did you know that Snow Globes can be a serious danger to our pets? Many of them contain ethylene glycol – That’s Antifreeze! Ethylene glycol is deadly to animals that ingest it, and it is sweet tasting. It takes only 1 or 2 teaspoons of the liquid to kill a small dog. While snow globes look innocuous and pretty sitting on a shelf, if knocked down and broken it is quite possible that your dog or cat would lick up the fluid. Another danger is that your pet could also lick up shards of broken glass. If you suspect that your pet has ingested ethylene glycol for any reason (such as you recently drained your car radiator) contact your veterinarian immediately. Treatment must begin within 8 to 10 hours as irreparable kidney damage takes place. So, keep those lovely snow globes safely out of reach of pets (and young children) and call your vet immediately if you suspect that your pet has licked any ethylene glycol! Learn more about the effects in this article courtesy of VCA Animal Hospitals.

<—- Until December 24! Save on all Clothing & Gift Purchases

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January can be a slow month as far as animal activities go, but if your horse is also your pet, plan to attend the next Purina Equine Education Event, Sunday, January 22 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, at the Lake County Fairgrounds! Learn how to keep your horse healthy and happy at this fun gathering.

Trivia! End the year on a positive note. All correct answers are entered into a random drawing for a $15.00 Rainbow Coupon.
The November question was, what kind of dog would most benefit from a winter coat? Our winner is Charlene Zanella, with the correct answer that Chihuahuas are most likely (from the dogs listed) to need a winter coat or sweater. Remember that all dogs are susceptible to cold and should have proper shelter and warmth during the cold winter.

This final question of 2022 is, What is ethylene glycol?

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