Rainbow Wags August 2021

Back to School! Back to Work! Back to our pups being left alone for hours at a time!

During the Covid lockdown, many of us were home, with our pets, much more than usual. Now our dogs have to face the return to being alone. Once we go back to work and spend less time at home, many dogs are likely to experience separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is an umbrella diagnosis for dogs who display anxious or problematic behaviors—like constant barking, urinating in the house, or destructive chewing—when left alone or separated from the person to whom they are most attached. It can be triggered by sudden changes in schedule that result in family members being away from home more than the dog has become used to. Learn more about how to help your dog avoid separation anxiety in this article courtesy the American Kennel Club.

Help for your anxious dog:
Plenty of Exercise
Calming supplements
Puzzle toys
Chew Treats
Crates (with proper training)
Compression “shirts”

Many of these solutions are available at Rainbow Ag. Just ask one of our friendly staff members!

The Lake County Fair is coming right up, September 2 – 5, and Rainbow will be there, supporting our local 4H and FFA showmen. Many of these young exhibitors are well-known to the staff at Rainbow – they have been purchasing feed and supplies, attending workshops and clinics and sharing their goals and dreams with Rainbow staff for nearly a year! Rainbow has been supporting the local Junior Livestock Auctions in Mendocino and Lake Counties for many years, and we look forward to watching this year’s exhibitors in the culmination of all that hard work. Good luck to everyone! Want to support our local youth in agriculture? Find out how to be a buyer here!

Look great for Back to School with great Western fashions from Rainbow! From first day of Kindergarten to moving into the Dorms at college, Rainbow has your style in quality clothing and footwear from Ariat, Wrangler, Roper, Cinch, Carhartt and more!

VIP Community Vet Clinics are an important partner with Rainbow Ag. They offer low-cost vaccinations, micro-chipping and more at your local Rainbow stores, but they are also impacted by staff shortages and unexpected events, and sometimes have to cancel. You can check on times and dates of upcoming clinics at the VIP website or check with your local Rainbow store before planning to visit a clinic.

Trivia! The August trivia winner is Patrice Bint, with the correct answer that the Redwood Empire Fair Junior Livestock Auction was held online this year. Congratulations!

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