OTRL November 2021

Happy November! Let the Holidays Begin!

Warm, dry, comfy … that’s Fall clothing for ya! New Fall clothing is arriving in Rainbow stores now. Check out the great selection of rain wear for every member of your family. Boots, jackets, beanies and socks … and more!

Hay Hay! Hay is a big commodity at Rainbow Ag. All of Rainbow’s hay (alfalfa, grass, mixes and straw) comes from Menne Ranch in Fort Jones as truck & trailer loads of 544 bales each. Any guesses as to how much hay Rainbow sells in a rolling 12 month period? The three Rainbow stores sold 233 truck & trailer loads of hay! That over 12 million pounds of hay! Which of the three stores – Ukiah, Lakeport or Middletown – sells the most hay? That would be the Lakeport store, which sells more than 100 truck & trailer loads a year. And all that hay gets loaded up in your truck or delivered by our wonderful yard crews.

Thanks, yard crew! You lifted over 12 million pounds of hay in the past year.

Horse feed

Every horse is an individual, and has specific nutritional needs. Ever wonder how much feed or supplement your horse actually requires? Check out this Horse Feeding Calculator from Purina Mills. Just enter your horse’s lifestyle and weight, and learn how much hay/pasture your horse requires, and how much Purina Concentrate feed is recommended.

VIP Community Vet Clinics have notified Rainbow that they will be cutting back their visits to once a month due to staffing issues. They have unfortunately had to cancel often so will be going to the once a month. They are scheduled for Ukiah on November 6, but best to give your local store a call to confirm times and days of the clinics.

Trivia: Win a $15.00 Rainbow Coupon good on any purchase at any Rainbow store!
Last month’s winner was Teri Aparicio with the answer Redwood Riders hosted a Halloween Schooling Show on October 30!

This month’s question is, Which of Rainbow, America’s Country Store’s three locations sells the most hay?

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