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Performance horses. Horse with rider's foot in sturrip

Time to ride! And there are so many options  – trail rides, parades, rodeos, horse shows – we all want to get out and enjoy time in the saddle. But what if your horse is a little … distracted? If your horse becomes nervous or stressed when in a new place or stressful situation, Quietex helps! Available in both a paste or a feed-thorough pellet, these safe and competition-legal supplements help your horse stay calm and focused.

For quick relief, Quietex Show Calming & Focusing Paste provides rapid stress relief. Just give the paste an hour or two before trailering or the event, to support your horse’s mental clarity and concentration, allowing the horse to maintain focus and achieve optimal performance.

For ongoing support, try Quietex Show Pellets. These economical, easy-to-feed pellets provide a daily serving of unique calming ingredients that addresses these issues via the important two-way communication of the Gut-Brain Axis. The Gut-Brain Axis is a critical two-way communication path that creates a vital feedback loop from the gut to the brain and back again.

Both Quietex formulas are show safe, herb-free and won’t hinder athletic performance or ability. And, this month, you can try them out and save some $$$! Just download the coupon (or show us on your phone) and save $4.00 on the 30cc Paste, or $12.00 on the pellets (a 20 day supply for one horse).  Download the Coupon and have a calmer horse, today!

Warm weather = Flies! Prepare for fly season now, by stopping flies before they start. Start your horse on SimpliFly Feed-Thru Fly Control with LarvaStop early in the spring and continue throughout the summer until cold weather restricts fly activity. Break the fly life cycle by preventing the development into mature adults. This highly-palatable supplement prevents development of house and stable flies in manure when fed as directed. It contains no organophosphates. Use this coupon to save $5 off 3.75#, $10 off 10# and $20 off the 20# sizes.

No matter how aggressively you target flies in your barn, there are always some that “fly on in” and the best way to protect your horse’s face, eyes and ears from these annoying pests is with a well-fitting fly mask. Save $5.00 on SuperMasks, through the end of May! Available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors, you can download this coupon and SAVE!

Not sure how to choose the right mask for your horse? Check out this blog post, How to Choose a Fly Mask for Your Horse, courtesy of Farnam.

News from Rainbow’s High School Rodeo Ambassador, Rylee DeMarta

Hi,  Giving an update on all my horses.
We have our last high school rodeo next weekend.  This has been a great year!
Buzz and I are sitting 5th in D2 cutting and they take the top 6 to California State High School Rodeo finals in June.  I’m very excited to see if Buzz and I can hold our 5th place spot and qualify for State.   My barrel horse has been a little bit off lately so he is taking a  month off and then will come back to do some jr rodeos this summer as well the Willits pole and Barrels series.

I am taking on another project of breeding my mare Ollie.  I bought a stud fee on an online auction to Chris Dargers stud named Offers Are Cheap (Snoop).  Hopefully she takes and has a smooth pregnancy and birth.  The baby is intended to be my college rodeo horse or horse to have when I’m older.

Since Bishop is in June, I need to make sure Buzz is in tip top condition and getting all his supplements and nutrients needed.   That means omega oil ahiflower oil, Buzz gets 2 pumps of it everyday it helps his coat and it’s a joint supplement.  I can really tell a difference when he is on it, his feet are tougher, his coat is shiny and he feels smoother.   I want to thank Rainbow Ag for always having it in stock so my horses are always feeling their best.

Hooves and Wheels Driving Club is located in Lake County and is putting on a driving Playday on Saturday May 18, 11:00 AM at Mitchell Ranch, on Highland Springs Road in Lakeport. This will be a fun day to play with your driving horse or pony – or if you are interested in driving, a great place to get started! Check out the details here!

Trivia – Win a $15 Rainbow Coupon! All correct answers go into a random drawing. Last month we asked, which Gymkhana event will travel to 3 local arenas this year? That would be the Tri-Valley Gymkhana Series, which kicks off on Monday, May 27 at the Potter Valley Rodeo Grounds, with following Gymkhanas in June at the Redwood Riders Arena in Redwood Valley, and finishes up in Willits on July 20th at the Willits Junior Horsemen’s Arena. View flier here for more information.
The winners are Karin & Tom Collingwood. Congratulations!

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