OTRL March 2018

Do you horse around with chickens? You won’t want to miss the Poultry Party, Saturday March 10 at both Rainbow Ag stores. Save 10% on all poultry feed and supplies, and all chicks are only $2.99 each! There will be a short seminar on How to Raise your Backyard Flock, at 10:00 AM in Ukiah, and 1:00 PM in Lakeport. And, don’t miss the Egg Toss – at 11:00 AM in Ukiah and at 2:00 PM in Lakeport! The winners get a $50.00 Rainbow Gift Card! Check out all the details here>>

Shedding season is here!It always seems to catch us by surprise, but any day now the horses will start shedding!  A good quality curry comb to loosen mud and hair, and a shedding blade to scrape the loose hair off, are must-have tools. Once the mud is off, a vigorous curry with a rubber brush will loosen the hairs, which are being pushed out of the follicles by the new summer coat growing in underneath. Brushes of varying stiffness will bring out more hair and remove some of the dust and dandruff. Finish with a little baby oil on a rag to give your horse’s coat a shine, and damp down the dust. If your horse has been on pasture, you might find some crusty, bare spots. Rain rot usually clears up on its own, especially if air and light can get to the skin. Sometimes rain rot is linked to a Vitamin A deficiency. Try a quality supplement or a lot of carrots! There are also topical sprays and ointments that can help heal up the sore spots. Check out Rainbow’s grooming department to find one. For more information on why horses shed, check out these articles: Help Your Horse Shed His Winter Coat, and What Shedding Can Tell You About Your Horse’s Health.

Horse Hoof health and nutritionIt’s still winter and this year the weather is letting us know it! When it is cold and miserable outside, many horses spend a lot of time locked up in a nice warm barn, but that situation can bring its own problems. Closed-up barns often have ventilation issues, and the proximity of hay and feeds, along with dust and chaff, can mean that the air inside is high in damaging airborne particles. Especially this year, when there has been an increase in equine respiratory problems due to the smoke and bad air conditions that we all lived through after the fires, non-infectious respiratory disease can cause your horse to cough or heave. To learn more, check out this article from Purina>>

Stihl chain sawsFor your calendar: the spring No Tax Sale on all Outdoor Power Equipment is Friday and Saturday, April 13 and 14. Buy any outdoor power from Stihl, Husqvarna, Honda, Echo and more and we’ll pay the sales tax!

Equine SeniorHere’s a great way to save on Purina feeds! Get $10.00 off when you buy two bags of Purina premium horse feeds or supplements, with this month’s subscriber coupon! What a deal! Download your coupon here>>

Trivia time! Last month’s answer was, One of the events at Shoreline Riders 2018 Buckle Series will be Ranch Riding. Winner is Diane Parker. Enter to win a $15.00 Rainbow Gift card by answering, An important tool for shedding season is … All correct answers are entered in a random drawing. Enter Here>>

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