OTRL February 2023

fall horses

It is hard to believe, but in just a couple of days we are half-way to Spring. Though we might still be squelching through boot-topping mud, take heart! The days are getting longer and the weather will warm up – and our horses will start shedding. Get out the grooming tools!

There’s still plenty of winter to deal with first. The abundance of rain in Northern California this year has filled the ponds and reservoirs and we can anticipate some good pasture grass – all good things – but the wet weather can also cause problems for our equine buddies. Horses’ hooves grow more slowly in the winter, possibly due to the horse being less active and having less circulation due to cold temperatures. But this is not the time to put your farrier on hold! Keeping your horses’ hooves in good shape through the wet months will prepare him for riding season soon to come. Your farrier can also respond to common wet-weather hoof problems such as thrush, bruising and abscesses. Horses with poor hoof quality might benefit from a supplement and all horses should have the option of a dry place to stand and let their hooves dry out. Learn more about winter hoof care in this detailed article, Caring for your Horse’s Hooves in Winter, courtesy of Equus Magazine.

Valentine’s Day is February 14th! Don’t forget to treat your sweetheart with something they will love, from Rainbow Ag!

Support the Clear Lake Junior Horsemen!
They are having a Bake Sale on February 12, 10 AM to 3 PM at the Lakeport Rainbow store! Enjoy some delicious home-baked treats (hey, just in time for Valentine’s Day!) and help this group of young horsemen and horsewomen fund activities throughout the year. That’s February 12, at the Lakeport Rainbow Ag!

No one can deny that prices are going up. Diesel, groceries, livestock feeds and hay are all pinching our pocketbooks, and many horse owners are focused on getting the most value for their dollars when choosing feed for their horses. Finding the best-value horse feed means looking past price per bag and calculating the actual cost per day to feed. Horse owners are often surprised to find the feed that is cheaper by the bag may be more expensive per day, because it must be fed at a larger amount per day or requires added expensive supplements to meet nutrient requirements. Spending a little time to calculate how much is actually costs per day to keep your horse well-fed might surprise you! Learn more about calculating actual feed costs in this article by Purina Nutritionist, Karen E. Davison, PhD – Getting the Best Horse Feed Nutrition & Value for Your Money.

Trivia! We did things a little different last month, and everyone who sent in a response is entered into a random drawing for the $15.00 Rainbow Coupon, good on any purchase at any Rainbow store! Last month we asked you to tell us, what is your favorite thing about Rainbow Ag? We received so many nice responses, and while the friendly and helpful staff were mentioned in nearly every comment, you also like:

  • fun events for customers
  • Caring staff, great merchandise & dynamic outreach for our community!
  • glad you are open on Sunday
  • the diversity of merchandise and brands to choose from
  • Rainbow Ag’s diverse selection of power tools, clothing, and supplies
  • Julie’s cat and Kitten adoption display is a treat and so nice to visit. Thank you for providing her a space fir these adorable felines

Our winner is Amber Rose.
The February OTRL Trivia question is, True or False – Horses’ hooves grow faster in the wintertime.

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