On The Right Lead September 2021

Oh do we have some goodies for you this month! New items in our Equine Department, new Clothing for Back-to-School and Fall, and some specials for our Canine buddies too, along with timely tips on preparing your horses for a potential Wildfire evacuation.

First, check out the Omega Match products, new from Purina: Timothy-based Omega Match Ration Balancer and highly palatable Ahiflower® Oil Supplement. These two new products provide unique ways to get your horse meaningful levels of omega-3 fatty acids in a form he will love. Purina® Omega Match Ration Balancing Horse Feed is specially formulated by PhD equine nutritionists with ingredients and benefits inspired by feeding fresh pasture, but without the drawbacks of too many calories or soluble carbohydrates. And introducing Omega Match Ahiflower® Oil Supplement. It contains more omegas than other plant based oils commonly fed to horses. The unique fatty acid profile delivers benefits associated with fish oil, evening primrose oil, olive oil and flax seed oil. Our PhD equine nutritionists found a way to provide the omegas your horse needs with a taste they look forward to.
And, you can’t beat Buy One Get One FREE! Download this month’s subscriber coupon and get your horse started on the healthy Omega 3s that they need!

Rainbow now carries a complete line of MagNTX products! These cutting-edge products aid in injury prevention and speed recovery to generate blood flow to the affected areas. Including Hock Wraps, Knee Wraps, Masks, Sheets, Bell Boots and Tendon Wraps, they are a must have for your performance horse’s first aid kit! From our trusted friends at Classic Equine, the MagNTX products can be used pre-workout, or as a therapeutic treatment for injuries and pain such as arthritic hocks, navicular, bowed tendons or splints, these soft mesh wraps are designed to ensure proper position. Check out the complete MagNTX line next time you are in Rainbow, in the Equine Department!

Wildfire season seems to go on forever … but don’t let your guard down now! Preparation is the most important part of successfully surviving a wildfire or evacuation with our horses. A pair of excellent videos, produced by Loomis Basin Equine Medical Group and shared courtesy of Elk Grove Milling – producers of Stable Mix – tell the story of one horse owner’s harrowing experience during the Lightning Complex fires, and give both a veterinarian’s and a Cal Fire firefighter’s (also a horse owner) tips on being prepared for the worst – a wildfire bearing down on your property.

In this video, Deb Weathers, a client of the Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center (LBEMC) located in Northern California, tells her story of surviving a wildfire that took her home, and how she evacuated her horses. She gives excellent tips on what to do in a fire emergency, and how to prepare. 11 minutes
In this video, Dr. Grace Monmaney of the Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center (LBEMC) located in Northern California, and CAL FIRE Firefighter Ryan Hughes give excellent tips on what to do in a fire emergency, how to handle smoke, and how to prepare for an evacuation with your horse(s). 14.43 minutes

Back to School and Fall clothing is arriving in the Rainbow stores daily! Be the best-dressed student, or the fashionista at the next rodeo or fair, with a new outfit from Wrangler, Ariat, Roper, Cinch, Carhartt and more!

We love our dogs, right? During September save $5.00 on the big 30# bags of Avoderm Natural Chicken and Brown Rice and Avoderm Lamb and Brown Rice dog foods! Treat your dogs, and treat yourself by saving $5.00 a bag, all month long.

Trivia Contest! Win a $15.00 Coupon to Rainbow. All correct answers are entered in a random drawing. The August winner is Dane Downing, with the correct answer that the Potter Valley Rodeo & Spring Festival is usually held on Memorial Day Weekend. (It will be held on Memorial Weekend again in 2022!).

This month’s question is, what company makes the MagNTX products?


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