On The Right Lead September 2020

Fall Alfalfa Sale Going On Now! Ukiah, Lakeport and Middletown

Order and pay for your big 3-wire bales of alfalfa between August 31 and September 6, and pick up any time before September 30. Limited supply of high-quality Menne Ranch alfalfa only $15.99 per bale so come in, or give us a call early! Fill that barn now at this great price.

Rainbow has a long history of supporting our local 4H and FFA youth before, during and after the Fair season! The Horizon program offers these hard-working young folks discounts on feed and supplies for their show animals, and Rainbow and Purina present educational seminars throughout the year to help them prepare for the big event. This year, of course, is very different with the Livestock Auctions going to an online format. This is a challenge not only to the Fair and Auction committees, but to the young showmen who have spent close to a year caring for and preparing their animals. Rainbow was there for the Redwood Empire Fair Junior Livestock Auction (records were set!) a few weeks ago, and we’re here for the upcoming Lake County Fair Junior Livestock and Metal Fabrication Auction, to be held September 4 – 6. For all the details on how to be a part of the Auction, check out the Lake County Fair’s website. Register to bid, or donate to the “add-on” fund, and help these hard-working young women and men find success with their livestock auction animals and projects. Congratulations to all the young showmen who figured out how to fit and display their animals in a totally new way! The Redwood Empire Fair Online Auction was a huge success in Mendocino County last month – Let’s make the Lake County Fair Junior Livestock and Metal Fabrication Auction a success as well!

Lyme Disease in Horses

Though no one is sure why, Lyme Disease in horses is on the rise. Since Lyme Disease is one of the three main tick-borne diseases that can affect horses (the other two are Equine piroplasmosis and Anaplasmosis), understanding how it is transmitted and how to prevent it is vital. California and Pacific Northwest are considered endemic regions, along with some other parts of the country, as the two species of ticks which carry the infective organism are present. Learn about Lyme Disease, it symptoms and treatment, in this detailed article courtesy of Farnam Stable Talk.

Since preventing Lyme Disease is the best way to deal with it, choose an on-horse repellent product such as Dual Defense (which is also safe to use on yourself!) that specifically addresses ticks. Spot-on topical products are ideal for pastured horses that aren’t groomed routinely and checked for ticks daily. Check out the links for valuable coupons!

Now available in Ukiah, and coming soon to Lakeport and Middletown, just go to rainbowag.com and click that red “Shop Now” button at the top, to access over 200 products including pet food and supplies, and livestock feed. Purchase online and swing by the store to pick up! The Dual Defense repellent mentioned above is available HERE.

Lights! Camera! Giddy-up!

Podcasts have become super-popular; we can listen while we drive, walk, clean stalls or even ride! Check out this Full Rein Documentary Series podcast, courtesy of Purina equine nutrition to learn about what goes into training and maintaining horses that appear in films, TV and commercials.

Full Rein Documentary podcast Lights! Camera! Giddy-Up!

Trivia …

Dane Downing had the correct answer that a horse deprived of feed, but with adequate water supply, could survive 20 -25 days.

Enter to win a $15.00 Rainbow Gift Card! All correct answers are entered into a random drawing. The September question is, Where will the Lake Country Fair Junior Livestock and Metal Fabrication Auction be held? ENTER HERE!

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