On The Right Lead September 2019

In just one week! Come help up celebrate the Grand Opening of Rainbow, America’s Country Store’s newest location, in Middletown!

Rainbow will be celebrating in all of our stores, with 20% off nearly everything in the stores, and super Hot Buys in all stores, but we are saving the best for the new store in Middletown! Join us Saturday, September 7 in Middletown for a Whiz-Bang Celebration! Prizes, raffles, in-store specials that are not to be missed, plus a BBQ pulled pork lunch, all on us! General manager Joe McCarley has the store spiffed up to show off all the new and expanded selection of livestock feed and supplies, ranch supplies, clothing, pet supplies and the new outdoor power equipment department!

Just one reason to visit – All Purina feeds are buy one, get one free on September 7, at the Middletown location only. (Limit 5 free bags per customer)

Check out the flier here for all the details.

If you can’t get to Middletown, come in to any Rainbow, America’s Country Store location to save 20% off nearly everything in the store, and get some super good Hot Buys too!

Equine Microchip clinic Sept. 14, 2019

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It is every horse owner’s nightmare – your horse is gone; stolen? turned loose because of a disaster? escaped from a pen in a strange location? removed from the scene of an accident? Identifying horses can be tricky. My horse is dark brown. He looks black to most folks. He has no white markings, no large and obvious scars. Even people who know both me, and my horse, mistake a horse down the road for mine. So how do I prove ownership, or have someone contact me should he end up in a auction pen, or a disaster shelter? The answer is, MICROCHIP!

All Hands Equine Rescue is holding a microchip clinic in Willits at San Vicente Ranch, September 14, 2019. Call or text 707-489-0553 to reserve your space. Dr. Kendall Wilson will insert the chip for only $25.00, and there is a one-time fee of $20 to register the chip, but once done, your horse will have positive identification for a lifetime.

PurinaWe’ve all heard this barn tip: feed hay before grain (or as we like to call it, concentrate) to slow your horses’ feed intake. And we all want horses to eat slowly, not choke and enjoy their meals.  But is it really true that feeding hay first will slow the intake of a concentrate meal? It could be a helpful management tip if the effect was real, but some horses seem to gobble up their feed, regardless of when they are fed.  

This question led our equine research team at Purina Animal Nutrition in Gray Summit, Missouri, to test the hypothesis that feeding hay prior to a concentrate meal would slow a horse’s rate of intake. READ ARTICLE HERE >>

New at Rainbow, America’s Country Store!

PyrantelCare Daily Dewormer 2.11%

  • Medicated pellets for daily feeding provides continuous protection against the most common species and stages of equine parasites including large and small strongyles, ascarids and pinworms
  • Double strength (2.11%) pyrantel tartrate
  • Palatable
  • Easy-to-feed-pellets
  • For horses of all ages, including foals, mares at any stage of pregnancy or lactation and breeding stallions. Stallion fertility is not affected by the use of PyrantelCare dewormer 2.11%


Durvet TURNOUT Sweat & Waterproof Formula

  • Protection for pastured horses, ponies, and foals for up to 14 days.
  • Kills and repels stable flies, horn flies, house flies, horse flies, deer flies, face flies, gnats, ticks, lice and mosquitoes, including those that may transmit West Nile Virus.
  • Weatherproof formula repels and protects from insects listed, sweat, rain, dust and dirt for up to 14 days.
  • Water based


Durvet POWER Fly Spray & Wipe

  • Kills flies, mosquitoes and deer flies
  • Kills fleas on dogs for 14 days
  • Citronella scented
  • Won’t attract dust and grime
  • Can be sprayed or wiped on
  • Compare to RepelX® and others on the market and save!
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Made with Pyranha® Technology
Pyranha® is a registered trademark of Pyranha, Inc.

Fire season is here, and we are all thankful that so far it has been a quiet one, but there are still months left to go! Keep up on that defensible space around your home and outbuildings. Clearing grass and weeds, brush and low tree limbs from around your home and barns creates a buffer to help slow or stop wildfire. It protects your home from catching fire—either from direct flame contact or radiant heat. Defensible space is also important for the protection of the firefighters defending your home. When thinking of creating defensible space, or battling a wildfire, you might picture chain saws, chippers and mowers, but a selection of hand tools are also very useful! McLouds, Pulaskis, shovels, hand pruners or pruning saws and good old-fashioned rakes and hoes can all contribute to the the job of removing flammable materials and fighting fire. Need help selecting the right tools for the job? Just head into any of Rainbow, America’s Country Store’s 3 locations to get advice from our Outdoor Power, and hand tool, experts! Rainbow has everything you need to protect your home.

When you have horses or other livestock, your choice to evacuate the animals or shelter them in place might depend on whether the horses will easily load into a trailer, or maybe if you even have a trailer available. The HALTER Project website has an extensive list of resources to help you make a plan and follow it out in case of emergency. An important part of a plan is to be prepared in advance. Make arrangements with neighbors, professionals or emergency responders to help with evacuation if needed. Know how to contact your local Emergency Response Team and Sheriff Department. During a wild-land fire, local animal rescue organizations work with law enforcement and fire departments to rescue as many animals as they can. In battling a wildfire, firefighters will do what they can but they are not responsible for evacuating your livestock. Firefighters may cut fences or open gates to free trapped animals. For more information on planning for evacuation, check out the Cal Fire resources pages.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a response to last month’s question about what you would like to see in this Rainbow On The Right Lead newsletter! Look forward to seeing more informational articles, local event news and new products in the stores! The winner is Yvonne Coyne (who wanted to know about evacuating a horse when you don’t have a trailer …) This month, we’d like to know, do you follow the Rainbow Facebook pages? If so, which ones (Ukiah, Lakeport, Middletown and Rainbow Pet in Hidden Valley Lake each have their own Facebook pages)? Submit your answer here to be entered in a random drawing for a $15.00 Rainbow Gift Card!

Happy Trails!

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