On The Right Lead October 2021

New Boots & Socks in Middletown Rainbow

It’s Sweatshirt weather! At least, in the mornings it is. Be ready for the cooler mornings and evenings with a new sweatshirt from Ariat or Carhartt. Fall clothing is arriving in Rainbow stores now!

fall horses

The Fall seasonal change can bring health changes to our horses. Now is is a good time to run through the Fall Check List (courtesy of equisearch.com) and make sure your horse and horse property is prepared for the weather changes ahead. Rainbow has a complete equine department, and experienced staff to help you select the right products for your individual horses, including supplements and feeds for special diets. Keep your horses healthy all year, with a little help from your friends at Rainbow Ag.

One serious consideration is Fall Laminitis. Insulin-resistant horses, or older horses that may have early Cushing’s disease, are at high risk for laminitis in the fall. Recent research has found that there is a seasonal elevation of the hormone ACTH in all horses during the fall. This begins mid- to late August and continues into November. For normal horses, it’s not a problem, but with insulin-resistant horses, or those with early Cushing’s, the rise in ACTH can be substantially greater and the increases in cortisol this produces puts them at high risk for laminitis. In fact, for many older horses a bout of fall laminitis is often what leads to the initial diagnosis of Cushing’s disease. Learn more about Fall Laminitis in this article from Horse & Rider: Laminitis: Autumn Risks

It is very important to work with your veterinarian for diagnosis, treatment and management of horses with special needs. In this video, Dr. Mary Beth Gordon discusses how horse owners can nutritionally support horses suffering from equine metabolic syndrome, obesity or pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID), also known as Cushing’s Disease.

Head to hoof exam

Having a baseline of comparison is one of the smartest things you can do as a horse owner. The more familiar you are with your horse, the easier it will be to notice abnormalities, putting you in a better position to address issues when they arise. You should know your horse’s normal vital signs and also conduct regular assessments — both visual and hands-on. Learn how to conduct a Head to Hoof Exam of your horse, courtesy of Farnam horse care products.

Recent wildfire events in Lake County and Mendocino County destroyed homes and property. United Disaster Relief of Northern California is accepting donations both of items and money, to help our neighbors affected by the Hopkins and Cache Creek fires. Donations are being accepted at Rainbow in Ukiah, too. Come in, or give a call (707 462 2404) to donate to the animal relief account. This fund provides pet food, livestock and horse feed, supplies and more to those most in need.

Ready to have a little FUN? You don’t want to miss Redwood Riders Halloween Schooling Show & Play Day on Saturday October 23! Something for everyone – English, Western and Halter classes. Trail, Costume and fun events in the afternoon. Click images for larger version or check out the details on the Redwood Riders Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Redwoodriders/

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