On The Right Lead October 2020

As we head into Fall and the changing seasons, we look forward to the Holidays, but they will be … different this year. Do not worry though, Rainbow is working on plans for fun Holiday events even it they will be socially distanced or virtual! Keep an eye on the Rainbow Ag Facebook pages, or this newsletter, to join in some fun and safe activities and sales currently in the planning stages. Going on right now at Rainbow – Clothing Clearance Sale! Check out the clearance racks at the Middletown, Lakeport and Ukiah stores. We’re making room for the great Fall clothing that is arriving daily.

Fire Season – the season we are all happy to see pass! – hit early this year, and much of California has been inundated with smoke and extremely poor air quality. While we can all work to protect our homes and properties from wildfire by creating defensible space, clearing around buildings, cleaning gutters and trimming trees, there is not much we can do to avoid the smoke and for our horses it is even worse, because we can not bring them indoors! If you are worried about the effects of wildfire smoke on our horses, livestock and other outdoor pets, this informative article from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine includes how to assess and treat smoke inhalation, and a quick information sheet for horse owners that is perfect for printing out and keeping in the tack box.

While Rainbow will not be holding the usual in-store Outdoor Power Equipment Sale this year, there are great Fall deals on blowers, chain saws, battery-powered equipment and more! Come in and talk to one of our OPE specialists – they can answer your questions and help you select the right equipment for your job. Rainbow also has generators in stock so that you can keep the lights on and the freezer freezing through Power Shutoffs and winter storms.

Whether you’ve had horses for years or you just recently became a horse owner, you’ve likely been told that horses need to have their teeth “floated.” “Floating” refers to smoothing or filing the horse’s teeth to remove the rough edges and smooth the chewing surface. The term was originally used in masonry to describe the process of leveling a row of bricks, and a “float” is also a tool used to smooth concrete. Equine dentists use a metal file, or an electric instrument known as a float, but proper equine dental care is about more than just smoothing sharp or rough edges of teeth. Horses have different dental needs at different stages of life, but the most important thing to remember is that all horses should have an exam once a year by an equine dental care provider. Learn more in this article courtesy of Farnam Stable Talk: Proper Equine Dental Care: More Than Just “Floating” Teeth.

Just a couple days left to save $2.00 off Purina Equine Senior! Sale ends October 3.

Did you Know? You can shop online, and pick up your purchases at the store! Get $5.00 Off your first Online Purchase of $25.00 or more, with the promo code firstorder.

Now available at all three Rainbow, America’s Country Store locations: Ukiah, Lakeport and Middletown!

Trivia Game! Last month’s question was, Where will the Lake Country Fair Junior Livestock and Metal Fabrication Auction be held? Online in Cyberspace! Cathy Ford was the winner of a $15.00 Rainbow Gift Card. All correct answers are entered into a random drawing. This month’s question is, Which Rainbow, America’s Country Store now offers Online Shopping? 



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