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Seabiscuit defeats Triple Crown winner War Admiral in 1938 match race

Seabiscuit defeats Triple Crown winner War Admiral in 1938 match race

Eighty years ago today – November 1, 1938 – over 40 million people listened excitedly to a radio broadcast of a horse race. It wasn’t just any horse race. It was the Race of the Century between War Admiral – legendary race horse, Triple Crown Winner and son of Man 0’War – and the underdog West Coast horse, Seabiscuit. The story of Seabiscuit is inspiring in many ways; the common-looking colt had lost the majority of races in his first racing season, and had been sold as a disappointment to California businessman Charles Howard. Seabiscuit was definitely “from the wrong side of the tracks” where elite racing was concerned, but the horse, along with his supportive owner, unconventional trainer and hard-luck jockey, went on to prove that the underdog can triumph, something that the American people struggling their way up out of the depression needed right then. Seabiscuit became an American legend, celebrated by books and cinema. Best of all, Seabiscuit is “our” horse – from right here in Willits, in Mendocino County. Ridgewood Ranch, between Ukiah and Willits, was the home of the Howards and Seabiscuit from his retirement until his death. The Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation was established to preserve the historic ranch and home of this local favorite, and continues to promote his story. Exciting new research is in the works; DNA analysis of Seabiscuit and his descendants is examining the specific genomes that created this miracle of a horse.  Keep up with the news about Seabiscuit’s DNA studies at the Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation’s blog, and learn what else is going on at Ridgewood Ranch, at the Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation’s website. The Foundation offers tours of the historic ranch by appointment. Though the Race of the Century is 80 years old, Seabiscuit’s legacy lives on … including this year the first Thoroughbred descendant of Seabiscuit’s to be born at the historic ranch in 70 years!

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