On The Right Lead March 2024

Spring horse care:
Worming, Grooming and Grazing

Spring is right around the corner and with all this rain, that means our pastures will be in good shape this spring! Green grass can be a great addition to a horse’s health, both mentally and physically. Horses love the taste of green grass and it can be very nutritious during the right stages of maturity, not to mention the joys of being out in a pasture relaxing and being a horse. However, spring grass can bring some risks so be aware and follow the Spring Checklist for a safe and healthy spring. 

Article – Spring Pasture Management, courtesy of Purina and Karen E. Davison, PhD.

Spring is also a good time to schedule your horse’s annual veterinary visit. Vaccinations, dental work and deworming all help your horse get the most out the spring feed and weather.

Spring is also time for us human-folk to get ready for the “outdoor” time of year! Spring chores always include working to keep the weeds and grass under control, and what better tool than a battery-powered string trimmer to whack those weeds! Battery-powered outdoor power equipment is powerful and quick. No mixing oil and gas, no pulling that starter cord! Just snap in the battery and get to trimming. Check out all the new battery-powered Stihl and Husqvarna trimmers, mowers, saws and blowers now at your local Rainbow store.

Another great project to get your outdoor space tuned up for patio season  – pavers! Check out Rainbow Brickyard Building Materials for ideas and projects such as fire pits, outdoor seating, outdoor kitchens and more!

Brickyard Building Materials are at the Ukiah Rainbow store, on Perkins Street in Ukiah. Come in and talk to Thomas Prine, to learn about all the uses for the huge variety of Brickyard materials!

(And, wouldn’t those pavers look nice in a barn aisle?)

Horses and Chickens go together, right? If your pony really wants a Chicken as a Hat, now’s the time! The Chicks are in the Stores! Start your backyard flock off right by joining us for Chick Day on March 23. Get great deals on poultry supplies, learn something new at the Educational seminars and bring along the kiddos for some fun craft projects and the ever-popular Egg Toss! That’s Saturday, March 23 at all Rainbow stores!

The spring and summer riding season will be here soon. How do you find out about events, rides, clinics and shows? Visit the Mendocino and Lake County Equestrians page on Facebook! There’s everything from horses and equipment for sale, real estate, and events to ways you can participate in the local equestrian community.

For example, do you ride or hike the trails in the Ukiah area? The Ukiah Valley Trail Group has a short survey to learn more about the folks who use the trails, and what they can do to make the trails more attractive to everyone. Let the UVTG know what YOU want, here – Ukiah Valley Trail Group Survey.

Trivia! Enter to win a $15 Rainbow Coupon. All correct entries go into a random drawing.
The February question was, What is easier than wrapping a truckload of hay? Well, a Rainbow Gift Card is a way better solution for that gift. Our winner is Pam Respini.

This month’s question is, Who wants you to “tell them what to do?”

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