On The Right Lead March 2019

We know spring is on the way; it’s muddy, the horses are shedding and the foals are starting to arrive! Pregnant and lactating mares need increased nutrition during these important months. Learn more about the nutritional needs of broodmares (and enjoy some cute foals) in this video from Purina Animal Nutritionist Dr. Karen Davison.

If you have a new baby in the barn, share a photo with us over at the Mendocino and Lake County Equestrians Facebook page. There are never too many foal photos, are there?

Coming up at Rainbow Ag:

March 8 Friday – Poultry Party Lakeport
March 9 Saturday – Poultry Party Ukiah
March 10-15 – Top Dog Photo Contest – Rainbow Facebook Page
March 31 – April 6 – Alfalfa Booking Sale. Watch for more information soon!

April 12-13 – No Tax Sale on all Outdoor Power Equipment
May 3,4, & 5 – Spring Anniversary Sale 20% Off Store-wide

Have you ever seen something and wondered, does Rainbow Ag have that? Now you can find out, right on your phone or computer! Just go to the Rainbow Ag homepage, www.rainbowag.com, and scroll down to the handy-dandy little widget that says, See What’s In Our Store. Search the entire Rainbow Ag inventory, view prices and see availability. Check it out, the next time you wonder, Does Rainbow Ag carry Fungus Shampoo? (They do!)



Potter Valley Rodeo is searching for the 2019 Queen. Information here>>
Cowboy Dressage Clinic, Highland Springs Equestrian Center, Kelseyville March 3. Information Here>>

Trivia Game – Win a $15.00 Gift Card

This month’s question, What is one of the fun events at Ukiah Rainbow Ag’s Poultry Party? The February winner is Linda Meyerhoff, with the correct answer that heavy winter coats can hide weight loss. Enter this month’s contest HERE>>

Happy Trails!


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