On The Right Lead June 2019

The German Horse Muffin 20% Off

2019 Potter Valley Rodeo Queen, Molly Anderson

Late rains and cool temperatures are finally giving away to sunshine and warmth. Hooray! Time to ride! Don’t forget though, that the first hot days can be stressful for horses who may not be in the best of shape after a long rainy season. Take those first warm-weather workouts slow, and pay attention to any symptoms of heat stress. Quick action can save your horse’s life. For a great reminder of the symptoms of heat stress in horses, and suggestions for the best ways to cool your overheated horse down, check out this article from Kentucky Equine Research. 

Rainbow has a big selection of electrolytes and supplements to help keep your horse in good shape, even when he is working in the heat. Not sure what to choose? Ask one of Rainbow’s friendly and knowledgeable staff!  One way to stay ahead of dehydration problems is to provide a salt or a mineral block. Rainbow carries Redmond Salt Rocks, and Rock on a Rope, both all-natural salt and minerals that horses love. Keep an extra in the trailer to hang up with the hay net on these warm days!

New In The Stores! Check out German Horse Muffins, a brand-new treat for your horses! The innovative company, based in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, specializes in distinctive, quality horse treats. Equus Magnificus, Inc. is committed to providing high quality, natural horse treats designed to promote joy and well-being. Products contain no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Only the freshest ingredients are used to create the company’s decadent horse muffins, and you can try them right now for 20% off, with this month’s Subscriber Coupon.

Father’s Day is coming right up, on June 16! The greatest reward is a job well done and every dad will tell you his most important job is being a father. Enjoying time with family is what makes all his hard work worthwhile. Show him how much you appreciate everything he does. This Father’s Day, buy him a STIHL because tools beat ties, every time. 

Save $20* on the MS 170 Chainsaw! This lightweight saw designed for woodcutting tasks around the home makes a great Father’s Day gift. Or, save $30 on a Father’s Day Gift Package – Special savings on the FSA 56 battery trimmer when you purchase the BGA 56 battery blower set. Stihl Dealer Days are going on NOW!

girl standing in front of shiny horseEver done a double take when you’ve seen an especially handsome horse? A dazzling coat and a glossy, flowing mane and tail will always turn heads, whether you’re in the show ring or heading down the trail.

You may never plan on showing your horse, but you still want him to look his best. Your obvious starting point is providing complete, balanced nutrition designed for your horse’s age and use. Then comes the fun part: a regular grooming routine that keeps his skin, coat, mane and tail clean and conditioned.

Beyond appearances, grooming is a time of bonding and relaxation for you and your horse. It’s also a great way to spend quality time with a horse you can’t ride for whatever reason, such as a young horse, an old retiree or a horse recovering from injury. Get more Grooming Tips from this great article from Farnam!

Trivia! Win a $15.00 Gift Card from Rainbow Ag! All correct answers go into a random drawing, but you have to enter to win! May’s winner was Sadie Giordanengo, with the correct answer that in nature, West Nile Virus cycles between Mosquitoes and Birds. This month’s question is, Besides keeping your horse’s coat clean, grooming is a great way to …

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