On The Right Lead July 2024

July is the perfect Horse Month! There’s rodeos, parades, trail rides on the beach … No matter what discipline your ride, we bet there are events going on during July! Be ready for whatever is on your equine to-do calendar by being aware of your horse’s hydration during this hot time of year. The old saying, You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, can become a real headache if you find yourself in exactly that situation – trying to get a hot horse cooled down! There are a few ways to prepare including bringing your own water along on trips with your horse, or acclimating them to drinking flavored water at home so that they are more accepting of strange water sources. It is also important to recognize the symptom of serious dehydration, or heat stroke. If it feels too hot to you, it is too hot for your horses!

One way to get ahead of the dangers of heat-related illnesses is to have some electrolytes on hand, and Farnam is making that part easier with a great deal on Apple Elite Electrolytes, available in feed-through Pellets, Powder or as a 60cc paste tube – perfect to have on hand in your horse trailer! During the month of July, save up to $10 off Apple Elite products, available at your favorite Rainbow store! Stock up for the rest of the summer! Learn more about keeping your horse hydrated and safe, with these articles courtesy of Farnam:
Keep your horse hydrated at home and on the road

Signs of heat stroke and when it is an emergency

Summer is also hay season, and Rainbow has good news! New lower prices on our most popular hays – Alfalfa and 3-Way Grain Hay! Check it out and load the barn.

Ranch Versatility is one of the fastest growing events in the horse world. The AQHA recognizes six classes- ranch riding, ranch trail, ranch cutting, ranch reining, ranch cow work, and ranch conformation. Other organizations have the similar events – not all follow the AQHA rules so check before entering!

  • Ranch Riding: Each rider and horse performs a pattern in front of judges. The horse must be relaxed, responsive, and soft in the bridle. Each transition must be smooth.
  • Ranch Trail: Riders navigate their horse through a trail pattern with obstacles commonly found in everyday work. The horse should be well-trained and responsive.
  • Ranch Reining: The horse must perform basic handling maneuvers, such as a sliding stop, spin, and circles.
  • Ranch Cutting: The rider and horse must successfully cut one or two cows from the herd and hold it. There is a time limit.
  • Ranch Cow Work: Riders pick between ranch cow work or limited ranch cow work. In limited, the team must box a cow, set up the cow and drive it down the fence, and then box it at the opposite end of the arena. Ranch cow work requires boxing, fence work, and roping or circling.
  • Ranch Conformation: Entries for this one must have competed in at least one other ranch versatility class of the day. The horse is exhibited at a walk, trot, and then lined up for inspection.

Interested in Ranch Versatility classes? Check out the Ranch Versatility Clinic at Shoreline Riders in Fort Bragg on July 7!

The 2024 Summer Olympic Games open Friday June 26 in Paris, France. Equestrian events will span from July 27 thought August 6. Events include both Team and Individual competitions in Eventing, Dressage and Jumping. Because of the time difference, many of the live events will be broadcast online late at night, but there will also be replays for those of us who do not want to be up at midnight! The venue for the Equestrian events will be spectacular! The grounds of the historic Chateau de Versalles will be outfitted with a temporary arena in the esplanade in the center of the Palace’s gardens. For a schedule of events and information about Olympic disciplines, see the NBC Olympics website.   Final selections for the USA Equestrian Eventing Team have been announced, and include Purina Ambassador Boyd Martin. Final selections for the Dressage Team were made on June 25, and the Show Jumping team, will be announced later this month. Follow the USA Equestrian team on the U.S. Equestrian website.

Trivia Contest
Trivia – Enter to win a $15 Rainbow Coupon!

Last month we asked, Where will the Lake County Rodeo be held this year? Due to construction on Lake County Rodeo Association’s new arena, the rodeo will be held at the Potter Valley Rodeo Grounds, July 13 & 14. Our winner is Cathy Ford.

The July question is, which Purina Ambassador will be competing with the U.S. Eventing Team at the 2024 Olympic Games in France later this month?


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