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Boom! Here comes the Independence Day weekend. No matter how you are celebrating our country’s birth, keep your whole family safe and healthy, including the 4-legged ones!

Tips for keeping your horse safe on Independence Day

Stay Aware of Events in Your Area and Communicate with Neighbors
Knowing when scheduled fireworks will take place, gives you time to prepare your horse by putting him in the barn or a smaller, safer corral. Communicate with neighbors so that you know if they plan to use fireworks.
Muffle the Sound of Fireworks with Static Noise
A slow feeder or other tasty treat might help divert your horse’s attention. Calming classical music on the barn radio at a moderate volume can also help drown out the firework booms. Some horses also tolerate ear plugs (small foam balls that fit into ear canal) well, and they help reduce loud noises without totally eliminating all hearing. But don’t wait until the 4th of July to try them out!
Get Horses Accustomed to Loud Noises
Horses accustomed to loud noises are less likely to have a severe a reaction to fireworks. Horses that are used to gunshots, loudspeakers and other activities such as re-enactments or parades might ignore fireworks.
Keep Horses Inside or Sheltered to Avoid Spooking and Runaways
Being stalled inside the barn also can help reduce the impact of noise on your horse, but it’s not a good idea to take a horse unused to being stalled inside in for the 4th of July night only. If you think this might be necessary to stall your horse, it’s best to get him used to being inside at night at least a few days in advance, so they’re not panicky about a change in routine. Also avoid separating your horse from their herd unless they are accustomed to separation; almost all horses do better with a buddy.
Calming Agents and Sedatives
If you know your horse has a history of fearful behavior in relation to fireworks, prepare in advance by talking to your veterinarian about whether there might be a reasonable sedative/anxiety reliever for your horse.
Know Your Horse
If you are concerned about your horse’s reaction to the Fourth of July festivities, plan ahead so that the experience is safe and enjoyable for both of you!

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Get Ready for the Weekend!

Send your event dates to OTRL Newsletter Editor, Doris Eraldi

Black Bart Parade
July 2 – Redwood Valley 11 AM

Willits Frontier Days
July 2 – Junior Rodeo
July 3 & 4 – CCRPA Rodeo

Lake County Rodeo
July 8 & 9 – CCRPA Rodeo at the Lake County Fairgrounds. 6 PM.

Highland Springs Equestrian Center
July 9-10 (Sat-Sun) – Dianne Adel bodywork sessions (Saturday) & clinic (Sunday)
July 24 (Sunday) – HAW-CDS Annual Playday
August 27 (Saturday) – Alexandra Clerc Horsemanship & Dressage Clinic
August date tbd – Ride Your Dressage Test Clinic
September 17 – CDS Friends & Family Exhibition

Eel River NATRC Ride
July 9 & 10 – Potter Valley, CA

Shoreline Riders
Horse shows, Ranch Versatility, Playdays, Rodeo and more

Are you Ready for Wildfire?
We don’t want to think about it, but wildfire season is here, and having an evacuation plan set up and a go-bag ready is just part of life in California. When you have horses, there is a whole ‘nuther layer of preparedness to deal with. Here’s a good reminder article about preparing for an evacuation, courtesy of the American Quarter Horse Association.

Mendocino County now has a CERT team. Complete free Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training and become part of a CERT team in your neighborhood. CERT teams train to provide aid to disaster victims and assist first responders in the event of an emergency. To find out more about CERT teams in Mendocino County, contact NCO at 707-462-1959 or visit the CERT website.

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Last month we asked, the trace mineral Chromium can help horses with which disease? Melody Poff is our winner with the correct answer that Equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) can be helped by added Chromium.

This month’s question – What famous local outlaw is celebrated with a parade in Redwood Valley?

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