On The Right Lead January 2022

Happy New Year!

All of us at Rainbow, America’s Country Store, thank all of you for shopping local! When you shop at locally-owned businesses, you allow us to support our community too. From local pet and large animal rescues, 4H and FFA, Spay & Neuter programs, Fairs, city and county events and being able to step up in the face of emergencies, Rainbow is honored to be a part of YOUR life, and Rainbow will continue to be here. Rainbow is more than just a store – because you are all more than just “customers.” Thank you!

Winter actually showed up this year, causing some situations for our horses that we have not had to deal with for a while. One issue is the cold, and always sparks the discussion about if horses should be blanketed or not. Most healthy horses do not need a blanket for warmth; they grow a very effective winter coat when given the chance. If a healthy horse has shelter and plenty of feed, they will survive just fine in even colder temps than we encounter here in Lake and Mendocino counties. The act of chewing and digesting their feed keeps horses warm in itself, so make sure they are getting enough calories to support producing some extra heat. Older horses, or those with dental problems, might need a pelleted or ground-up feed that doesn’t require so much chewing. Chilly night? Toss your horses an extra flake of hay!

Worried that your horse is cold in this nasty weather? Here’s some interesting information from Rene Capps, on Facebook. She used a thermal imaging camera to show how eating warms up a horse.
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Whether you are actively riding your horses in the winter, or just making the slog through the bog out to feed, you will need some cold weather support yourself! Check out the warm and waterproof coats, jackets and rain gear available at Rainbow clothing departments! Rainbow also carries waterproof boots for all sizes of feet, from toddlers to adults. Don’t forget the socks, beanies, hats and gloves either! And keep an eye out for the after-New Year’s sales racks too. Whether you are out riding, mucking stalls, or just looking good while reading a horse magazine, Rainbow has you covered.

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Thinking of trying a new discipline with your horse this year? The Western Dressage Association of America has just released the updated tests that will come into use in Spring of 2022. Each test has been written, checked and double-checked to be sure that the test is both challenging and approachable for the horse’s training level for that test. Last year, the WDAA announced their new “Training Wheel.” While a lot of us are familiar with the “Training Pyramid” graphic that is often used for Dressage, educators working in WDAA committees independently concluded that the training pyramid was somewhat misleading, and they thought there could be a better way to clearly depict Western Dressage training principals and goals as they relate to each other and demonstrate how the rider’s influence at every point is paramount to succession. Learn more about the WDAA Training Wheel here …

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Last month we asked about the Robinson Creek Ponies – How long has this feral herd been in Mendocino County? Our winner is SK Gorman, with the correct answer that the ponies have been there over 50 years!

Start off the New Year right – enter the Trivia Contest! The January question is, What is the best way to keep a horse warm in cold weather?

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