On The Right Lead February 2024

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What do you give a horse-lover for Valentine’s Day? Just come into Rainbow and look around! There’s sparkly Western jewelry, cozy sweatshirts, Hydro Flasks, boots, jeans, tack, horse blankets, grooming tools, outdoor power equipment … you are sure to find something that your loved ones will love!

Not sure? Rainbow Gift Cards fit everyone, and can be used on any purchase in the store. Definitely easier than wrapping a truckload of hay!

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, and as with humans, horses benefit from having good oral hygiene and dental care. Dental disease can lead to pain, tooth loss and infection in other organs when bacteria from infected teeth and gums enter the blood stream and circulate throughout the body.

Horses with dental issues often have trouble holding their weight, drop partially-chewed feed while eating, or tilt their heads while chewing. Older horses are often missing teeth, which makes the opposing tooth grow oddly or develop sharp points. Feeding a complete feed or wetting the feed can make it easier to get the nutrition into the horse, but a complete dental exam will tell you exactly what is wrong. Learn more about why horses need dental work in this article from Texas A & M University.

February is a “gearing up” month at Rainbow. Spring is our favorite time of the year! There’s so much going on, as we approach 4H and FFA Fair season, the young showmen and women are already preparing their animals for a summer of competitions. Early spring is also trade show season and Rainbow staff are learning about all the new and improved products available. Is there something that you would like Rainbow to carry? Just let us know!

Spring events are on the calendar, and soon the Chicks will be in the stores! Mark your calendars for Chick Day on March 23rd. All poultry supplies will be 20% Off, and Chick Starter feed will be 10% Off. There will be fun activities for kids including crafts and coloring, an educational seminar to help you get started with your own backyard flock and an egg toss contest! The Ukiah store will also have a Petting Zoo and Easter Photo Booth, the Lakeport store will have a Photo Booth.

The days are getting longer and that means that the horses will start shedding soon. There are many choices in grooming products now including ergonomic designs that are easier to hold, especially for arthritic hands. A complete selection of tools – from curry combs to soft brushes – and some quality grooming products (get those mane knots out easier with Cowboy Magic Horse Detangler and Shine) and your ponies will be shiny in no time!


On January 1, we asked you all about your Horsey New Year’s Resolutions. Well, guess what the number one resolution was – Riding more! Nearly everyone mentioned spending more time in the saddle in 2024, and what a noble resolutions that is! Some of you also want to learn a new skill, such as gymkhana, or be more aware of your horse’s conditioning, and at least one pony is staying warm in a new horse blanket! Thanks for all the fun resolutions. Our winner of the random drawing is Erin Kile (who wants to ride more!)

This month we go back to silly trivia questions – What is easier than wrapping a truckload of hay?

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