On the Right Lead February 2022

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February! The month of hearts and roses, candy and mushy cards!

What could be a better Valentine’s Treat for your ponies than this month’s Subscriber Coupon, Apple & Oat Treats from Purina? Horses love ’em, and you can save 20% off a 3.5# bag – perfect for stowing in your grooming box or truck.

Don’t forget to treat your two-legged sweeties! Just take a look around in your local Rainbow store. There’s Montana Silversmiths jewelry, STS purses, wallets, and accessories, clothing from Ariat, Wrangler, Carhartt, Cinch, boots for every occasion from work to dancing, and more … even cards, soaps, flowering plants and gift décor! For the littlest cowgirls and cowboys, there’s toys, puzzles and bright rain boots!

And don’t forget to stroll through the Outdoor Power Equipment department and check out the new battery-powered string trimmers, chain saws, mowers and blowers. The grass is growing and anyone who has a yard to keep mowed will appreciate the quiet, easy-to-use battery-powered equipment. No mixing gas, no smelly fumes, no heavy trimmer! Just slip in the battery and pull the trigger and you are trimming! Happy Valentine’s Day!

February is also a good time to do a deep clean on your saddles and tack, to get ready for the riding season ahead. If your tack has been stored lately, it will appreciate a good cleaning and oiling. Properly caring for tack extends its useful life and safety. Check out this quick 2-minute video courtesy of Farnam, or read this detailed article about caring for leather tack. Then hop on over to the Farnam website to download your $2.00 Off coupon good on any Farnam Leather New product. In fact, there are a bunch of Farnam coupons for you – check it out!

Are your horses shedding yet?

While shedding is a springtime nuisance, it’s actually a “complex physiological process” which can tell you a lot about your horse’s overall health.

Shedding season is here!

Did you know that your horse’s spring shedding is NOT triggered by warmer temperatures? Equus Magazine explains:

Shedding is not triggered by temperature. It’s linked to photoperiods. As the hours of daylight increase, a horse’s winter coat begins to loosen and shed. This process started way back in late December, but you usually won’t see the obvious, hairy results until now.

Each horse should shed on a consistent schedule each year; even though that time frame may be different for each horse. Individual horses will also shed their winter coat in the same pattern each year (i.e., shedding from their necks first and then along their flanks).
Learn about helping your horse shed his winter coat …

Check out Rainbow’s Equine Department for a complete line of grooming tools!

Guess what else is going to happen in February? Chicks! Rainbow stores are getting ready for the arrival of our cheerful, cheeping chicks later this month. Keep an eye on the Rainbow Facebook page for arrival dates, and types of chickens. Rainbow can special order chicks too, just call the store. New to raising poultry? Rainbow has everything you need for a successful start to your Backyard Flock, including the expertise to guide you in the right direction. Watch for the Poultry Party later this spring, and get started with the fun of backyard chickens!

Trivia -Win a $15.00 Rainbow Coupon! All correct answers are entered in a random drawing.

January winner is Cristina Gomez , with the correct answer that feeding an extra flake of hay is the best way to keep a horse warm in cold weather.

This month’s question is, what triggers a horse to shed his winter coat?

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