On The Right Lead August 2018

team of draft horses under a signHere we are in the middle of summer, but before you know it, it will be back to school time! When you think about back to school, think about Rainbow Ag! Rainbow is more than a feed store – it’s your one-stop-shop for the best in Western fashion, and there is something for every student in your family, from preschool to college. New fall fashions will be arriving in the stores soon, so don’t forget to wander through the clothing department the next time you are in at Rainbow!

Though it is just perceptible, the days are getting shorter and the horses will be shedding out their short summer coats and replacing it with the early fuzz of a winter coat. Horses’ coats are determined more by length of day than warmth of day, so often in late summer and early fall, our horses can be “wearing more clothes” than is appropriate, especially here in Northern California where there are usually several more months of warm weather. If your horse is fuzzing up, be sure to watch for signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke when out riding in the hot sun. Offer plenty of water, hose them off if possible, and be sure that a salt or mineral block is available. Rescue Fly Traps

Late summer can also bring out a lot of flies – check out this month’s subscriber coupon for a FREE Big Fly Bag! Just print out your coupon (or show us on your phone) to get yours! Get Coupon here.

season changes affect feedHay is often the most important component in our horse feeding programs. Knowing how to choose quality hay is something we all need to know. Check out this video from Purina nutritionist Katie Young to learn how to choose the best quality hay for your horses.

The Dressage Corner has added Western Dressage classes to their August 11 schooling show. If you are interested in learning more about Western Dressage, this would be a great place to check it out. Western Dressage is one of the fastest-growing new horse sports, with more shows and classes being added all the time. For more information about Western Dressage, check out the websites for the California Western Dressage Association. You can also view an informational video about Western Dressage from CAWDA here.

Trivia is back! Enter to win a $15.00 Rainbow Gift Card by submitting your answer to this month’s trivia question. Enter Here!

Happy Trails!

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