Mayfield Family Cat Survives Camp Fire

When the Camp Fire devastated Paradise and surrounding areas last November, Rainbow Accounting Manager James Mayfield, his wife Anna and baby daughter were in Ukiah, visiting James’ parents Jim and Babbie Mayfield. James’ family lost their home, and they thought, their black cat, Mr. Potter. Though they went back and searched for Mr. Potter (named because he was rescued from Potter Valley) there was no sign of him and they were losing hope … until last month. Over 100 days after the Camp Fire destroyed their home and neighborhood, Mr. Potter was spotted at the home site. When James and Anna went to check it out, the kitty came up and rubbed on their legs, happy to see his owners again. Mr Potter was healthy and well-fed, no doubt thanks to the many volunteers who are still putting out food for survivor cats.

James reports that Mr. Potter has settled in at the new house, and has resumed his favorite position on the hood of the family’s Jeep.


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