June BIG FIX Event was a Success!

Volunteers at the Big Fix Lake CountyFIX Lake County’s June Big Fix started with a big February Fix fundraiser. On June 10 & 11 during the Big Fix event, we were able to fix just over 60 family pets of people with low or no incomes. The event cost about $80 per pet to fix.

We had 3 vets on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. We had 8 vet students that provided vet tech services. We worked with the International Veterinarian Outreach (IVO). They do events in Covelo a couple times a year and travel internationally doing vet clinics. We had 14 volunteers that did everything from providing meals to helping with the receptionist services, to kennel care and recovery support for the animals. The event started about 6:30 am for food service until 9:00 pm when things wrapped up and dinner was served.

We were hosted at the Big Valley Rancheria Gym.

Our list started at 450 people signed up. We still have about 300 on the list.

We are planning another event in October with IVO, the details are still being worked out and we need to fund raise about $5,000 to pull it off. At that time we hope to provide spay and neuter services for over 100 animals at a cost of about $40 each. We will be asking for donations to help defray some of the costs.

Learn More and Watch a Video of the June 2017 BIG FIX

Donations can be made at OrphanDog.org or by mail at Orphan Dog, P.O. Box
662, Lakeport, CA 95453.

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