Jillian Kreinbring Equine Biomechanics Course

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Exciting opportunity in April!

Jillian Kreinbring Equine Biomechanics Course: Understand Your Horse’s Movement to Realize His Potential

Jillian Kreinbring’s vision is to train and ride horses in accordance with sound equine biomechanical principles. One goal of that vision is to balance the natural anatomic forces within and between the horse and human, for healthy movement and longevity.
Jillian’s work with horses draws upon Classical Dressage principles, as well as her roots in the Western world. She is always searching for knowledge to improve her horsemanship and has studied Manolo Mendez, Peggy Cummings’ Connected Riding®, and Linda Tellington-Jones’ TTEAM®. Jillian makes decisions about what knowledge to apply by determining if it is in alignment with horse and human biomechanics, and their mental wellbeing. She believes that the deepest and most insightful lessons come from the horses themselves — trusted friends.
To strengthen and enhance equine well-being, it is important to ride and work horses in healthy postures. Throughout this course, students will connect the why and how of balance and collection to understand how a horse’s anatomy, muscular development, and movement patterns affect his performance under saddle.

The 2 ½ day lecture series explains healthy movement in depth and gives learners the opportunity to develop their eye so they can see healthy and unhealthy postures. Students will:

• Learn what to look for in healthy movement and muscular development.
• Discover what creates a healthy posture in riding horses.
• Evaluate a horse’s posture and anatomy from a new perspective.
• Add tools to develop horses’ postural strength.

Course Details

Five Lectures:
• Introduction Lecture: Looking at Your Horse ~ A New Perspective
• Examining Anatomy and Function of the Equine Head and Neck
• Equine Forequarters, Back, and the Importance of the Abdominal and Psoas Musculature
• Connection: The Hindquarters and the Significance of the Lumbo-Sacral Joint
• Coming Full Circle: The Mechanics of Balance & Collection

‘Developing-Your-Eye’ Labs:
• Evaluate horses’ anatomies and conformations.
• Identify key palpation points of the horse.
• Discuss observations of lab horses and make recommendations on how to support each horse according to its conformation and stage of development.

For more information about Jillian and about this course, see her website: jkinspiredllc.com
This course will be held at Highland Springs Equestrian Center (HSEC), 8900 Wight Way, Kelseyville, CA 95451, on Friday, April 7, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm, Saturday April 8, 8:30 am – 5 pm, and Sunday April 9, 8:30 am – 5 pm. Lunch, snacks, and beverages on Saturday and Sunday included. The Lake County CDS Chapter is offering this course to its members for a special price of only $200 . For all others, the cost per person is $350. The course fee must be paid in full by February 23. Mail your check, made out to “Lake County CDS” to Juliana Vidich, 8900 Wight Way, Kelseyville, CA 95451. Minimum number of participants is 15; maximum is 25. If there are insufficient entries by Feb. 23, the course will be cancelled. Please email Juliana, juliana@highlandspringsequestrian.com, for more information.

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