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Full Service at Twining
We offer pasture boarding for horses now with full service care! 140 x 250 sand arena, miles of trails and more.

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This group was created to provide a place for local riders to gather and share their interest in riding in and around Northern California.

VIP Community Vet Clinicsw
VIP Community Veterinary Clinic

Ukiah Rainbow Ag
Every Saturday
3:30 to 5:00 PM

Lakeport Rainbow Ag
Every Other Saturday
September 13 & 27
12:30 to 2:00 PM

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Their services are provided without an examination fee by a state licensed veterinarian. VIP offers all canine and feline vaccinations, blood and fecal testing, flea and tick control, ear mite treatment, deworming, and heartworm prevention. They also offer microchipping for only $39.00 including lifetime registration. For more information see Their web site at
or call the Ukiah or Lakeport Rainbow stores.

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Doris EraldiHorse Trainer Doris Eraldi

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Cool HorseSeptember News

Even though summer is officially winding down, here in northern California there are still a couple more months of warm weather. This is a great time to get out and ride and also a good time for a reminder on caring for our horses during these last hot days. The main way horses cool themselves is by sweating, but some experts believe that prolonged, consistently high sweat rates can lead to a kind of “exhaustion” of the sweat glands in horses which may result in anhidrosis (the inability to produce sweat adequately). To help your horse avoid this, Kathy Williamson, DVM - Manager Veterinary Services, Purina Animal Nutrition offers some recommendations for managing your horses during hot weather. Read Dr Williamson's article here.

The last blast of summer is often also full of flies! Rainbow is here to help – with a 20% off coupon for all fly products, including masks, repellents, fly traps and feed-through prevention products. Just print out the coupon (or, show it to us on your cell phone!) and save some dough while you make summer a little less buggy for both your horses and yourself!


Purina Shawn Flarida, Purina ambassador and NRHA's first ever $4 million rider, shares why he feeds Purina® Amplify® High-Fat Supplement to his performance reining horses.


boots at Rainbow AgOf course the end of summer also means the beginning of school. Send your favorite students back to school in style with fun clothing from Rainbow. New styles arriving daily for kids of all ages, and Mom and Dad too! Check out the large selection of children's boots, now in stock at both the Lakeport and Ukiah stores, and the coolest fashions from Wrangler, Cowgirl Tuff, Girls With Guns, Carhartt, Roper and more! Rainbow is expanding their popular clothing department and there is always something new "in store."

World Equestrian GamesGoing on now – the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games began August 23 and end on September 7 in Normandy, France. Eight World Championships (Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Vaulting, Driving, Endurance, Reining and Para-Dressage) take place, along with two exhibition disciplines (Polo and Horse Ball). The best equestrians and their mounts from all over the world are competing for World Equestrian Games titles. Check out all the information and watch events live on the official FEI WEG website,

It is Harvest Mite season. These tiny scourges can really irritate horses, dogs, cats and humans! The veterinarians from Middletown Animal Hospital offer suggestions about dealing with mites for all of our animals – check out their article here.

Happy Trails!

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Vaccination Clinics At Middletown Animal Hospital,
Healthy pets only, dogs on leashes and cats in carriers.
More info call 707-987-2000

You may also contact Doctors Smith, Duff and Holtz on
Middletown Animal Hospital's FACEBOOK PAGE
or email
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Veterinarians from Middletown Animal Hospital

Harvest Mite Season is Around the Corner

Harvest mites, also knows as “chiggers”, are the larvae of the mite Trombicula alfreddugesi. They are a mite that can cause considerable itchiness and dermatitis in all animals, including humans. To the naked eye, these appear as a bright orange-red powder. These little buggers come out at the end of summer to beginning of fall in this area. They are often in the environment through the fall and sometimes into winter. We predominantly have been seeing infestations in horses, cat, and dogs. Harvest mites are scavengers that live on decaying vegetable material and plants. The eggs are laid on moist ground and hatch into larvae that dig the hooks of their mouths into the animal’s skin to feed. They feed for three to four days before dropping off of the host to develop into adults. The larvae are the only parasitic form. The mites cause problems during their feeding process on the host. They inject fluid into the skin that causes inflammation and intense itchiness, which can also lead to secondary bacterial infections if unrecognized for a period of time.

Harvest mites search for areas of warmth, which they find with their hosts (animals or people). They move all over the host until they find a site that they can hide and feed for a few days. Most often, these are areas of thin skin. In horses, the mites seem to prefer the area under the chin, belly, along the neck, and legs. You can almost never see the mite, but instead notice hives and areas of scabs with serum discharge. Dogs most commonly develop hair loss, redness of skin, and secondary infections on their chest and belly. Cats can sometime show no clinical signs because they are so good at grooming themselves and mechanically removing the mites themselves. By far, the most common site for harvest mites in cats is inside their ears. You may notice your kitty scratching at their ears, shaking their head, or showing no signs at all. It is easy to diagnose because we can see the orange mites in their ears.

To treat harvest mites, there are a variety of insecticides that people recommend. However, by far the most effective one we have found is Frontline Spray, which can be used in all animals. Use this once monthly to kill those mites currently on your animal as well as preventing re-infestation. Without preventing re-infestation, your pet will continue to be fed upon and be affected by these pesky mites. Other treatments include corticosteroids to relieve the intense itchiness and antibiotics if needed.

We will most likely start seeing patients affected by these mites in the next few weeks. It is very common to see cats with mites in the ears during their annual physical examination that have no clinical signs! So be on the look out! Make sure to stay current on your annual physical examinations and if your pet is getting itchy, make an appointment with your veterinarian. The sooner you treat the better and less complicated the disease process can become.

Dr Joanna Holtz

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