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"Refeeding Syndrome" can affect heart, kidneys and respiratory system.

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This group was created to provide a place for local riders to gather and share their interest in riding in and around Northern California.

VIP Community Vet Clinicsw
VIP Community Veterinary Clinic

Ukiah Rainbow Ag
Every Saturday
3:30 to 5:00 PM

Lakeport Rainbow Ag
Every Other Saturday
August 2, 16 & 30
12:30 to 2:00 PM

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Their services are provided without an examination fee by a state licensed veterinarian. VIP offers all canine and feline vaccinations, blood and fecal testing, flea and tick control, ear mite treatment, deworming, and heartworm prevention. They also offer microchipping for only $39.00 including lifetime registration. For more information see Their web site at
or call the Ukiah or Lakeport Rainbow stores.

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Doris EraldiHorse Trainer Doris Eraldi

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New! Girls With Guns clotingAugust News

School is coming – And Rainbow will get you ready for it, at least fashion-wise! Don't miss the fabulous Back To School Sale on all clothing and boots from from August 5 through August 19th. Get ready for school in style with great deals on a wide array of fashionable clothing and boots. Best of all, receive $25.00 off a purchase of $100.00 or more from August 5th through August 19th. Check with Rainbow in Ukiah or Lakeport, or go to Facebook to receive your coupon for a $25.00 discount on a purchase of $100.00 or more. Choose from a wide range of popular brands including Wrangler, Carhartt, Cowgirl Tuff, Justin, Ariat and Corral. We are adding exciting new products every day, including Girls With Guns! So take advantage of this super Back to School sale with $25.00 off a purchase of $100.00 or more, August 5th through August 19th. So even if you are not ready for the start of school, let Rainbow help you arrive at class looking great and feeling comfortable!

Here come the hot August nights . . . and days, of summer. Summer in Northern California offers challenges—wildland fires, rattlesnakes, heat stroke—but this summer, with the drought and rationing of water there are a provide cool fresh water for your horsefew more challenges for horse owners. Horses need an adequate source of clean fresh water. Make sure you horse has a reliable supply of water, and access to a salt or trace mineral block to assure he drinks. This might sound like obvious advice, but make sure that the water you are providing for your horses is cool enough to drink! A reader recently came across a (hopefully rare) situation; new horse owners had run a black poly-pipe waterline down the fence line (not underground, but wired to the fence) for about 100 feet. This ended at a small "bowl" auto-waterer for the horse. But on a warm day the water in the drinking bowl was so hot that the person could not put his fingers into it for even a moment! It was nearly boiling, just from the solar gain of that 100 feet of black pipe. Consequently, the horse had no available water and would wait until night (when the water cooled down) to drink. This situation was discovered when the horseman who shared the story noticed the horse standing by the drinker, after a ride, but not drinking, and investigated. It is a simple thing – the hose is on and hooked to the drinker but if it is laying in full sun, the water is probably too hot for the horse to drink.


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SpursThey go jingle jangle jingle--spurs are an essential part of a horseman's attire. But how do you pick them and how do they work? Beth Schwarz, Rainbow's Equine Specialist, shares some information about this most "cowboy" piece of equipment, in this month's article.

You Can Help Feed Rescue HorsesA HOme For Every Horse
Purina is proud to sponsor A Home for Every Horse – a program to help find forever homes for horses in need. Through this partnership, Purina supplies participating rescue shelters with high-quality nutrition developed by the Ph.D. Equine Nutritionists at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center. To date, they’ve donated more than 400 tons of feed. Purina is donating $125,000 in horse feed to participating 501(c)3 rescue shelters. And with your help, they can donate more! Just like or share A Home for Every Horse posts from our Facebook page. Until September 5, 2014, Purina will donate $1, up to an additional $25,000 for a total of $150,000 in free feed. Help Now!

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Vaccination Clinics At Middletown Animal Hospital,
Healthy pets only, dogs on leashes and cats in carriers.
More info call 707-987-2000

You may also contact Doctors Smith, Duff and Holtz on
Middletown Animal Hospital's FACEBOOK PAGE

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parts of Western SpursNews from Beth
Choosing Western Spurs

Spurs have been used since the first millennium B.C. primarily as a means for riders to signal commands to their horses. The spur, when used properly, is intended to guide the horse and not to force it to perform. Riders can use their spurs combined with your natural aids such as voice, body, and, leg pressure to reinforce cues.

Choosing the right western spur for you can be somewhat challenging given the variety of them available on the market today. In order to determine the right spur for you it is important a look at the two main parts of a spur, the rowel and the shank.

The rowel, the business end of the spur, is usually a small toothed wheel although occasionally consists of a simple ball. Because spurs are often used with a rolling motion, the number of teeth and their spacing makes a distinct difference in the message being given to the horse. Fewer teeth spaced far apart have much more bite and create more of a jab. Used with care, these spurs can serve well to tell a horse that a prompt and emphatic response is required. Horses with “thick sides” that are extremely unresponsive to leg cues might require this type of rowel. Rowels with more numerous teeth and fitted close together are gentler and perfect for horses whose sides are sensitive and who respond better to more specific cues than the full-length press of a leg.

The shank or neck is the arm that holds the rowel out from the rider’s boot. For riders with long legs on horses with short barrels, a long shank will give the rider a better point of contact with the horse without requiring an extreme posture shift. Riders with short legs on extremely round-shaped mounts might also need spurs in this way. A shank that is too short can force a rider to swivel the foot, which throws off the rider’s form, increases the force of the motion, and can send a confusing message to the horse. Properly fitted, a shorter shank can be useful for more subtle cues to the mount, as well as reducing a rider’s dependence on spurs.

Beth SchwarzTo simplify your research keep in mind that choosing the right western spurs is easiest when considering how they will be most used. The needs of specific horses and events, as well as the ability levels of the riders, will create the proper equation of rowel and shank. To be sure of proper fit, riders should try on spurs only with the boots on which they will be used.

Beth Schwarz
Equine Field Representative
Rainbow Ag
Direct line 707-391-7049


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